i played hooky and you can too

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I had a way more existential topic picked out for this morning’s post. And hopefully, I’ll be able to use it soon. But while starting to gather the details for the post, it just didn’t feel right. A bit contrived.

So I’m going to be honest with you, I played hooky yesterday. My boss said it was okay. I mean, I did some work in the morning – if you can call it that – and then realized that I was getting no where fast. Sitting at my desk was becoming a bottomless pit of Twitter checking, email glancing, and font finding.

Instead, I took Lola to the new playroom attraction thingy in our area. The set up calls to mind a twisted television show in which toddlers competed for an American Gladiator type prize. Of course, toddlers have to be accompanied by adults which means I get a killer core workout. And all for just $5.

And if I’m out of the house, it must mean I deserve an iced latte.

Despite all this, and maybe because of it, I ended up having a pretty great working day too. I came back and created just enough action on the things that I needed to accomplish that by the time bedtime rolled around, other people had furthered my ideas and contributed to my progress.

So I thought I would treat you to some links from the archives. First, as you probably realize, I work a lot and other things tend to slide. I have no problem with the imperfection that’s abundant in my life, especially if it means that I’m working towards my goals, enjoying life, and loving my baby girl. I wrote two posts on this topic, both received quite a passionate response from both sides of the table:

the how of “how I do it all” is that I don’t and it’s not really about the dishes

Wendy Brightbill shared her paint-splotched life in those post: confessions of a paint from home mom.

And Stephanie Corfee wrote about her 4 days of un-creativity, in which she realized “i am not so important that the world won’t survive a few days without me.”

If this sounds like something you might need, say with me now:

I am not so proud that I think others will really miss me if I take a few days off. I am not so stressed that I cannot take a real lunch break. I am not so ambitious that I can’t take a break from moving forward to move deeper.

When have you played hooky recently?

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9 thoughts on “i played hooky and you can too

  1. I’ll be playing hooky later this morning – going to buy my 1st pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes :) Even running errands feels like playing hooky, simply because I am not glued to my laptop!

  2. Thanks for sharing this; it is just what I needed today. I have two teens at home and I sometimes forget that work will always be here and a day off can be just as productive.

    I am glad you enjoyed the time with your daughter.

  3. Oh yay! So even Tara plays hooky, I guess that means I can too. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for mentioning my post. I find on those days when I am getting no where, it really is better to play hooky. I always come back more refreshed and ready to go.

  4. Love this sentiment! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I played a little bit of hooky on Monday. I was gone for a week at a conference, but I just couldn’t sit and look at a computer screen. So I took it easy — and feel a million times better than I would have if I pushed it.

    I think it’s so important that you are asking us all to look at our own egos, and how they play a role in creating unnecessary stress.

  5. You know…I haven’t played hooky lately. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling out of sorts and am struggling to be creative. Perhaps it is time to give myself permission to slow down….

    Thanks for the reminder, Tara!

  6. The adage “All work and no play . . .” is as true as ever. It’s good to get away from work and let the creative juices replenish so that they may flow again. πŸ˜‰

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