planning a green wedding? gowns by threadhead

threadhead - eco-friendly wedding dress

wedding season is just around the corner. i didn’t have a big frilly wedding (btw, i’m totally posting pics of my own wedding soon, just because) but there is just something so inspiring about wedding design. it’s all about details, a heightened sense of reality, and joy – pure joy.

i stumbled upon these gowns by threadhead while watching the “recently listed” items flash buy on etsy. they are constructed from sustainable, organic, or otherwise eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, unbleached chiffon, and hemp! the gowns range in price from $700 to $1200 – which i think is a great price for sustainable design & handmade quality!

threadhead - ecofriendly wedding gown

for more inspiration & beautiful gowns, click through to threadhead!

11 thoughts on “planning a green wedding? gowns by threadhead

    1. hehe, courtney! maybe a renewal of vows?? that’s what i’m aiming for to find something really fabulous & unique – oh, and when i have a lot more money, too. lol!

  1. They are gorgeous and I am loving the eco-friendliness aspect. My gown fell into that price range, too, so I wholeheartedly agree that the price range is quite reasonable!

    1. thanks, rose! my wedding was extraordinarily casual… but finds like this make me want to do it all over again! thanks for stopping by today.

  2. The gowns remind me of Romeo and Juliet. So romantic. Thanks for reminding me I’m not married!!! Can’t wait to see your wedding photos.

    1. thanks for the suggestion, natalie! i second you on romeo & juliet – or jane eyre, like melissa’s post! so pretty & romantic…

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