pinning down indie

Thanks to Pinterest, if a photo exists on the world wide web it can be pinned, making it easier than ever to find amazing handmade works by indie artists. Here, I share a growing collection of arts, crafts, and tutorials as I follow the pins of movers, shakers, and makers worldwide.

In July we ended with

nd+ who pinned Handmade Moroccan Pouf from a board by

Karlita Borrego who pinned Read Books from a board by

Bri Emery who pinned Album Artwork from a board by

Mary Rose Avent who pinned Oh Mabel Duvet from a board by

Erin Loechner who pinned Forest Fire by artist Vadis Turner.

And with that, my loves, we have come to The End.

Of course, I don’t mean the end of Pinterest so feel free to go get addicted! And I certainly don’t mean it is the end of Scoutie Girl! That would just be silly.

No, I mean Pinning Down Indie and Heart-to-Heart are merging, transforming, and undergoing some serious human relations training. Stay tuned for something bigger, badder, stronger…well, you’ll see.

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