pinning down indie

Thanks to Pinterest, if a photo exists on the world wide web it can be pinned, making it easier than ever to find amazing handmade works by indie artists.  Here, I share a growing collection of arts, crafts, and tutorials as I follow the pins of DIYers worldwide.

In May our last pin was from a board by

Emma Lamb who pinned Blanket Rug from a board by

Melissa De La Fuente who pinned Read More Books! from a board by

Ms Pink who pinned Summerbelle Family Tree from a board by

Alison Lawler-Dean who pinned Polka Dot Top from a board by

Carey Bennett who pinned Paper Heart Wreath from a board by

Melissa Roland who pinned Butterfly Collage from a board by

…you’ll have to wait and see!

In the meantime, go get addicted to Pinterest. And remember: USE THOSE TAGS to mark your indie made pins “indie” and “handmade” so we can spread the joy of pinning down indie.

4 thoughts on “pinning down indie

  1. I’ve just discovered Pinterest and have fallen in love! I’ve never considered myself Indie, but looking at your board, I think I just might be. LOVE the colors in the images above. Those kinds of colors make me want to sing. :)

    1. Thanks, Brandy! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I don’t consider myself “indie” either. What is that, anyway? I use “indie” as a tag to indicate the pinned items are made my independent artists, small businesses, and DIYers. As for the colors, I WANT THAT DRESS!

    1. You rock!

      When I have time sometimes I click through the trail of someone who has recently pinned one of my items. Or maybe I’ll check out the history of an item I’ve pinned. It really really opens my mind to what “style” is.

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