pinning down indie

Thanks to Pinterest, if a photo exists on the world wide web it can be pinned, making it easier than ever to find amazing handmade works by indie artists.  Here, I share a growing collection of arts, crafts, and tutorials as I follow the pins of DIYers worldwide.

Earlier this month we left off with…

Kendra Kantor who pinned  Posy’s Patchwork Curtains from a board by

Zime Illustrations who pinned Bird Cage Lanterns from a board by

Elena Rodriguez who pinned Garland from a board by

Elissa Campbell who pinned Rille Ceramics from a board by

Emma Lamb who pinned Blanket Rug from a board by

…Drop in next month to find out!

In the meantime, go get addicted to Pinterest. And remember: USE THOSE TAGS to mark your indie made pins “indie” and “handmade” so we can spread the joy of pinning down indie.

2 thoughts on “pinning down indie

  1. Thanks for the heads up Janice. I just signed up. I wish they have an ipad app so I can pin on the go! I can’t wait to get home and start putting things up. Lately I have been using We Heart It a lot, similar concept and equally addictive, however, Pinterest seems to give a nicer, “fuller” experience – if that makes sense..!

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