Permission to Experiment

Emerson: "All life is an experiment..." Greeting Card by kelsography on Etsy - click on photo for info
greeting card by kelsography on Etsy – click on photo for info

experiment n: a controlled procedure carried out to discover, test, or demonstrate something; vb: to make experiments

I love a good experiment.

Experiments are forgiving.

In the context of leaving our comfort zones they can, depending on the level of control applied, imply a certain leniency, permission to try something, fail, and learn from it.

Experiments are usually conducted over a set period of time with defined goals and yet-to-be-proven outcomes. They’re about discovery, study, and reflection; progress, not perfection.

Thinking of launching a new product? Run a pilot and get feedback. Experiment.

Itching to branch out in your art? Bring in new colors, combinations, or materials and see where it goes. Experiment.

Want to implement a lifestyle change, but resisting it fiercely? Give it your all for a week and evaluate, see how it fits. Experiment.

Experiments are less intimidating than an all-or-nothing approach; they take the pressure of having to succeed out of the picture.

Experiments make stepping into unfamiliar territory a lot less scary.

I like that.

What could you experiment with today?

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