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Cindy, owner of the wonderful Toronto shop Periwinkle, is no stranger to all things handmade.  An expert in textiles, embroidery and sewing, Cindy is no stranger to all the national craft shows. Today she offers her space as a marketplace for emerging artists looking to take their business to the next level.

Perwinkle is a thriving shop honoring handmade artists and craftsmen.  Located in one of the most successful retail districts of Toronto, Periwinkle has become the place for wonderful handmade and even custom items.  Cindy believes, “handcrafted items are important because they are always made with love, passion, from the heart”.  Cindy’s love of all things handmade is what keeps exciting artists wanting to display their beautiful wares.

These items are made for someone who appreciates the beauty of arts and crafts.  I feel it is my duty to give back by providing an innovative shopping experience, as well as a showcase for talented designers and artisans.  I love to teach the clients to appreciate the hard work and talent involved in the creation of each item in the store.  Most of our vendors/artisans are on etsy, however the customers would rather come in to interact with the items.  They like to see, touch, and try on, rather then judging by the photo.


2137 Bloor Street West
Toronto Ontario
M6S 1N2

6 thoughts on “best of the bricks – periwinkle…

  1. Cindy – I would love to learn more about the process you go through selecting which items you carry in your store. I love this concept and what a phenomenal tribute to the handmade community!

  2. I used to be a contributing designer at periwinkle back when I was half of Tweek.

    Cindy is the most lovable and organized store owner out there!

    It was a great pleasure being a part of Periwinkle even if it was for a small amount of time!

    All the best Cindy!


  3. Thank you guys!!!! can’t do this without all your support! as for Courtney – Meylah, honestly selection was quite easy, there are so many talented artist out there, who works are amazing and adorable!

  4. What a beautiful shop! I live in Toronto, and was unaware of it… am going to visit soon!
    (and love the blog, you always find wonderful things)

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