Perfect Imperfection

thumbprint ornament

With so many posts about buying handmade and giving handmade this holiday season, i just wanted to share my favorite kind of handmade gifts that come with the season.

They’re the gifts that truly SHOW you the maker’s hand.

In this case, i’m remembering my son’s preschool ornament from last Christmas with his 2 messy thumbprints coming together to form a little reindeer. i love the wiggly legs because i know his little 3-year-old self drew them. i love the lumpy glue under the ribbon and loose tail that hangs off the side, because i know he did it himself. i look at this ornament and remember the look on my little guy’s face when he presented it to me. Nothing compares.

Anytime i can look at a gift and have a little movie play immediately in my head of the giver creating it, i feel loved.  Yeah, i’m a bit of a sap.

So, while i adore pristine craftsmanship and honor all the talented professionals who fill our lives with carefully crafted and sustainable goods, (please! still gift me my etsy favorites!) i have a special place in my heart for the following:

  • wobbly, unevenly woven potholders made by my nieces
  • perfectly warm, cozy quilts made by my mom, even when she points out an IM-perfect line of stitching here or there
  • gloppy paintings signed a little too close to the edge forcing that last letter in the artist’s name to wander up the edge of the page
  • badly folded construction paper cards written in messy handwriting by my husband who KNOWS i really want to the homemade card each year and obliges

With all this in mind,  i am wholeheartedly dedicated to sprinkling in a bit of my own 2 hands with my store-and-etsy-bought beauteous gifts this season. And if even one of my gift-ees gets a little movie playing in their head when they open it, i’ll consider the holiday a success.

4 thoughts on “Perfect Imperfection

  1. I love the little reindeer ornament! My 3 year old would love this.
    I agree completely it’s the thought and love that really makes your heart sing.
    Who ever is on your gift list will be feeling the love I’m sure

  2. I love that you describe it like a little movie… these are the memories that last. The look on my daughter’s face as she first used a stencil to decorate our handmade thanksgiving napkins this year, the smile on my son’s face when we just tonight looked through his preschool holiday crafts from two years ago… comparing his hands now to the little handprints then. I love the idea that a gift would give a snapshot memory of a moment or a place in time that will never be forgotten.

    So sweet, Stephanie! Thank you!

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