peace out.

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Yesterday, Tara came over and we sat like geeks with our laptops side-by-side, transferring Scoutie Girl accounts, files, blogging tips and all sorts of fun chit-chat about the Land of Handmade. I almost wish we could do that all the time. (If you send an email to [email protected], she will be the lucky one responding to you.) She's ready to go – I think – are you ready Tara?

Mind, body & spirit, I'm ready to go, too. Ready to dive back into a creative life that involves more of my hands and less of my keyboard! I'm feeling very open, fresh, tabula rasa – even tho I'm just turning my attention toward something that's been there all along. Like someone handing me the keys to unlock my future….s'all good!

Thank you for reading & supporting Scoutie Girl, and thereby, handmade! I sure hope Scoutie Girl was an enjoyable stop for you each day! Thank you, also, for your very sweet comments and notes on my "letting go" post – your expressions of gratitude and flat-out flattery made my day (really!). I will be tuning into many more of your blogs and goings-on now that I'll have time!

I'm always around if you have questions, comments, need feedback or just want to get in touch. I would love to hear from you!

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Keep it real!

Peace out.

13 thoughts on “peace out.

  1. Kids with new crayons and a blank wall are right up there with dogs with floppy ears blowing in the breeze…sheer, un-adult-erated (as in they haven’t lost that sense of wonder) bliss! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thanks Erin! I’ll be around somewhere in the blogosphere for certain. And look out b/c now I’ll have time to enter all those fabby DFM giveways!!! Stay in touch!

  3. “Tabula rasa,” I just looked it up; what a beautiful concept! I’ve been trying to get my head back full swing into the business, particularly new designs (it’s been too long) as I’ve been a bit distracted lately. I’m pinning your 2nd paragraph to my bulletin board today! All the best, Sara xo

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