image from my studio – a daily reminder of passion in days gone-by 

in the land of handmade, passion is _______________. (fill in the blank) i think passion is contagious, distinct, alluring, fearless and eager (and sometimes a naughty, fleeting temptress). when you have it, it's all you need to keep on keepin' on with a smile on your face & a skip in your step. when you don't, work becomes work - it's uninspired and draining. BTDT, believe me. after 2 years of fab indie finds, i had to find some new passion for scoutie girl for 2009 – and rather than look for what that passion would be, i decided to look for passion itself. have you noticed the new tagline above: a penchant for the passionately handmade?

for me, the passion of others' handmade work jumps off the screen or stops me in my tracks or makes my mouth drop or puts me in a fantastic mood or compels me to look and look again and again and again. it's in a sentence, an image, a presentation, a work of art. you just know it when you see it or hear it. and so, in addition to refocusing things on scoutie girl a little bit – giving more of a nod toward the passion of handmade, i will be also be featuring a "passion of the week" starting monday (crazy, clever name, i know!). you'll see it in the left sidebar, and i'll start off the week with a post about it. sound goodly? hope you're having a great weekend!

how do you recognize passion? what does it make you do? is it different for you than that which you appreciate in others? love to hear it…

5 thoughts on “passion

  1. Being at CCS, I see a lot of passion. I think that if someone is passionate, they’re very happy when they’re making. They want to do it, they’re not just doing it for class (or for a few dollars), and they are continuously coming up with new ideas and concepts to play with. And they better be excited!

  2. great post! i don’t think passion for something can be sought; it’s a little bit like falling in love. it hits you instantly and you know it when you feel it.

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