Passion + Painting From Jeremy Miranda

Last week, I found the work of Jeremy Miranda, who was recently a featured seller on Etsy. And as I read through his interview, I realized that Jeremy’s work would be perfect for SG in the wake of Tara’s most recent posts about the definition of passion.

This guy not only creates really great paintings, he also has reasons for doing it. And aside from that, he often works on between 50 and 60 small pieces at the same time. That’s not a typo: 50-60 paintings at once!

How’s that for passion?

But that’s not even the whole story because after those 50 to 60 pieces are finished, Jeremy goes through them all and chooses just a handful to continue researching. Those pieces are made into larger works. And here’s what that process is like:

These larger paintings are heavily worked through generations of paint and varnish where I intermittently sand and scrape away to reveal past layers and textures. I try and make work with the notion that my paintings may have been dragged up from the bottom of the ocean…

Just reading about his process makes me tired. And inspired.

Painstaking & Particular.

Those are the words that come to mind when I read what Jeremy wrote. But what I love most about his work is the freedom I see in those final brushstrokes, sitting at the very top of his canvas or paper. Two seemingly opposite ideas (particular/ specific AND freedom/ movement) coming together so harmoniously.

Dare I say it… This is the definition of passion. At least one of them anyway.

Massive Ice Wall

Emerald Iceberg

Visit Jeremy Miranda on Etsy to browse available work and visit his portfolio site for past works. And for more inspiration, read Jeremy’s interview on Etsy (great interview).

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