passion is – scoutie girl contributors

i'm not really here today, but i wanted to take a mo to shine the spotlight on the fab scoutie girl contributors whilst i'm out! all amazingly creative in their lives & businesses, these women put together such thoughtful, interesting & original posts – their content's not too shabby to look at either! i know they're busy as bees in their own endeavors, and i am so grateful they continue to stop-in here regularly to bring you their artful insights each week. thanks ladies!!!

mon afternoon art features | brittni wood of paper n stitch
(images courtesy jet set paper & megan elizabeth pottery)

tues morning brief introductions | amy turn sharp of little alouette

wed morning eye candy | lisa kelly of milkshake crafts

wed afternoon handmade solutions | lori dundar of shades of violet & fin+roe

thurs afternoon pounced & found | sam hirst of inklore

fri afternoon zoomed local | linda demers of a la mode

last fri of the month then & now | judit wild of vadjutka

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