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I’m moving this week…. so I thought I would take a few days and revisit some of Jan‘s “passion is” interviews -updated with current photos of the artists’ work. Enjoy!

i think my heart skipped a beat when i saw these mod ceramics from luckalilly – i have a severe weakness for bold black & white designs with a modest punch of color. an artist who can show some restraint and let the beauty of the basics speak will always have my deepest appreciation. ceramic artist Caroline Hayward from Utica NY creates each of her pieces from start-to-finish: throwing vessels, hand-carving details, decorating and glazing. she has always loved creating art and knew she would enter into a creative profession. the fact that she is a mere 19-years-old and has more resolve in her work and approach than most 39-year-olds i know (ahem) really struck a chord. quite impressive, caroline!

without a doubt, she is driven by her passion:

“for me, passion both for my art and my business is what has made me work harder for them than for anything else in my life so far. running a business, even a teeny-tiny one like mine, takes a great deal of time and mental energy; i believe it would be near impossible (as well as pointless) to do so if there was not an underlying feeling of passion for what you’re doing….”

“i was prepared, before i started my business, to spend many tedious hours dealing with customers and paperwork and boring computer stuff, and i was prepared to hate it. But i found that because i am so passionate about what i am creating, all of that doesn’t even seem like work! i hope that my passion comes through in all the aspects of my business, from the moment i create something to the moment when it’s in a customer’s hands…”

inspiration from point A to point B:

“i have always been a visual thinker. i catalogue everything in my mind: the extraordinary, the mundane everyday, and the extraordinary that is part of the mundane everyday. i see something, and if it inspires me, it goes into my mental filing cabinet of visual nuggets of knowledge. then i make connections with other things i’ve seen or experienced and add my own thoughts and preferences and an idea for a new piece of art is formed.”

thank you for sharing your thoughts, caroline! keep the fire burnin’!

visit luckalilly to see her work – don’t miss her hand-pinched ceramic rocks! fave!

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  1. oh my. i need those dishes. i have a set of black & white dishes from target and a set of vintage ballerina dishes in fall colors. they would tie everything together!

    and the rocks are awesome too.

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