paper bead innovation!

ljlh designs - black & white paper bead earrings

i received an application from libby hampel, the crafter behind ljlh*designs, for the 35 under 35 online exhibition. it took me a minute to really understand what was in the image she sent me (above). but then it clicked!

that’s a paper bead!

libby uses a technique whereby she adds a unique paper bead shape to an existing bead to create some better than the sum of it’s parts! clever!

ljlhdesigns - paper bead earring collage

i asked to her explain her design process:

My process begins with finding the right combination of paper and manufactured beads. Sometimes I’m inspired by the beads and sometimes I’m inspired by the paper. After the selections are made, I mentally form the overall design. I try my original paper bead design first, and then try other shapes. Usually my first idea is what I end up using. However, there have been times when one of the experiments ended up being better. After the paper beads are made into the final shape and varnished, I experiment with different ways to arrange all components. Arranging all components in multiple ways allows me to test a variety of possibilities before deciding on the best overall design. Combining papers of different patterns, colors, and textures with manufactured beads of different materials, sizes, shapes, and colors provides an endless range of possibilities.

because libby uses modest supplies to create such an impact, earrings start at just $11! go grab yourself a pair! santa told me it was okay!

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  1. Hi Tara,
    I am interested in paper craft and making little things to earn a little bit of money. I would like to learn more on earning and how to make such items.

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