painting with paper & found objects :: letha colleen

letha colleen - paper & found object collage
letha colleen - paper & found objects collage

i found the collage art of letha colleen on the scoutie girl flickr pool quite awhile back. i’d been waiting for the right time to share her with you all – and well, there’s no time like the present!

my favorite part of her style is how she manages to make the paper blend together so that you can’t quite tell what it is at first. is it a painting? is a fabric collage? nope! fabulous papers & found objects.

she says:

I am heavily Influenced by memories from my childhood; a time in which much of who I was and what I did was shaped and defined by a symbiotic relationship with the many moods of the Puget Sounds waters, the nearby islands, and the neighbor’s backyard topographies as seen from my daily perch in the tops of tall trees (I was a ‘climber’). These topographical memories are primarily what you’ll see in my art work: landscapes slightly fractured and segmented by personal mental pathways and their corresponding struggles and/or epiphanies.

by the way, all the work in her shop is original. from art mounted on wood, to matted & framed, to beautiful art pendants, to ACEOs – it’s all a very affordable & fantastic way to own original art!

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