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  • All Aboard: We’re Leaving for Abilene

    All Aboard: We’re Leaving for Abilene

    Who wants to go to Abilene? Just hop on the bus! On a hot afternoon relaxing and enjoying time together, the family is enjoying a picnic in the backyard as the ice cream maker churns away in the background. The low hum promises to produce a sweet treat to be enjoyed by all later in(…)

  • Do One Thing and Do it Well

    Do One Thing and Do it Well

    Like most creatives, I have this “thing” (I prefer not to call it a problem…) where I want to do everything. You know those days I’m talking about, right? You want to paint. But you also want to practice calligraphy. And then you want to build a sculpture. And after that you want to cut apart your(…)


  • How to Kick it Like Gotze (World Cup Tips for Creatives)

    How to Kick it Like Gotze (World Cup Tips for Creatives)

      I couldn’t resist a cheeky football (soccer if you’re American!) post seeing as I’ve just watched the Germany vs. Argentina World Cup final. Due to England’s rather hasty exit from the tournament, I decided to support Argentina. I could just as easily have chosen Germany, but with my salsera hat on I went with(…)

  • Marketing for Introverts

    Marketing for Introverts

    I’m an introvert, which means I prefer lots of quiet contemplation time. That works for me as a writer until it comes time to promote and market my work. Most of the marketing and promotion books, videos, and blogs say, “Get yourself out there, schmooze, create your brand.” However, most of that advice is written(…)