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  • Why I Read

    Why I Read

    If you’re an artist or creative at all, you may have read or heard of The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. I read it years ago when I was still actively involved in the theatre. There’s a suggestion she makes in the book to help artists gather creative ideas that are vital for creative endeavors(…)

  • Embracing Sadness

    Embracing Sadness

    Generally, I am a happy upbeat person. However, for the last week I have been sad and the tears have been flowing like crazy. I think the sadness was brought on by being overly tired from working long days, and then things just started to pile up from there. I was working long days and(…)


  • Using Core Guides to Shape Your Business

    Using Core Guides to Shape Your Business

    Last month we talked about identifying and applying your core beliefs. To build on that work, let’s dive into your core guides. What is a core guide? Kind of like it sounds like, it’s a value that guides your work. Everybody has them. Your Core Guides What guides your work? Perhaps values like excellence, innovation,(…)

  • Using Core Values to Guide Your Business

    Using Core Values to Guide Your Business

    As a small business owner, you’re faced with lots of decisions everyday. Is this Instagram photo on brand? Should I give the refund? HTML or plain text newsletter? Your decision-making process becomes much simpler once you connect to your core values. When your core values inform your work, you feel more like yourself, and get(…)