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  • Lessons from My Dogs

    Lessons from My Dogs

    I’ve learned a lot from my years as a dog-mom. Here are some of the best lessons I’ve learned from my furry children. Greet each day with a smile. Every single morning, without fail, around 6am our dogs begin pacing around the bedroom, staring at us (believe me, you can feel it burn through your eyelids),(…)

  • Creatives Fail….The Really Good Ones Fail Often

    Creatives Fail….The Really Good Ones Fail Often

    There is an emerging field of psychological study called posttraumatic growth. It’s an interesting study of how people change after a major life struggle or difficult period of time in their lives. According to the Posttraumatic Growth Research Group at the Department of Psychology at UNC: What is posttraumatic growth? It is positive change experienced as a(…)


  • Marketing for Introverts

    Marketing for Introverts

    I’m an introvert, which means I prefer lots of quiet contemplation time. That works for me as a writer until it comes time to promote and market my work. Most of the marketing and promotion books, videos, and blogs say, “Get yourself out there, schmooze, create your brand.” However, most of that advice is written(…)

  • Corkulous App for Creativity and Project Management

    Corkulous App for Creativity and Project Management

    Whether it is tracking and organizing the creative process or managing a project, I love the flexibility and the visual aspect of post-it notes.  Sometimes, however, when I am on a creative roll, my project management looks like this: There is a system, a flow and structure.  But it can also be visually overwhelming. And(…)