[outfitting your rug options]

[outfitting your rug options]

ok, i’ll be the first to admit that shopping for rugs may not be the most glamorous of jobs. i’ll also be the first to admit that rugs are one of those things that i probably wouldn’t have searched for handmade before shopping at my big box store. boy, was i surprised when i actually took the time to do a search! i was shocked at the amazing options out there! as you can see from the image below, i had to force myself to stop at 10! i could have added a ton more! so, there you go. lesson learned. rugs can (and should) be purchased handmade!

handmade rugs

  1. handwoven 8 ft runner. plowgirl :: $300
  2. handwoven grey flannel rug. marylinjk :: $56.75
  3. handwoven rag rug. shadysidefarm :: $42
  4. handmade rectangle rug. gramsheart :: $46.50
  5. flannel rainbow rug. thousandflower :: $75
  6. handmade cotton throw rug. texturesgallery :: $125
  7. hot colors woven rug. n2imaginations :: $30
  8. handwoven felted recycled wool sweater rug. fiveforty :: $170
  9. handwoven wool rug. highaltitudeweavers :: $185
  10. handwoven rag rug. mwestdesigns :: $39

7 thoughts on “[outfitting your rug options]

  1. What gorgeous rugs… I can’t decide… what a great post. There was a local rugmaker here that I am still trying to track down… handspun wool that was woven into fat lush rugs… yum.

  2. Love ’em! I’ve been a fan of handmade rugs. Five Forty is on my favorite etsy sellers… These rugs are usually runner-like, and would be perfect to cover the hardwood floor on the side of the bed!

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