[outfitting your locket collection]

[outfitting your locket collection]

i’m loving all the amazing locket options i’m seeing lately! here are a few of my most favorite finds!

  1. filigree locket. mstevensondesigns :: $68.50
  2. bubble locket. jewelsvine :: $143.00
  3. turkish locket. sparklepeach :: $26.00
  4. mixed metal rose locket. musettemade :: $25.00
  5. sleepy hollow locket. birdznbeez :: $26.00
  6. wise owl locket. thegoldbug :: $30.00

4 thoughts on “[outfitting your locket collection]

  1. Great round-up Lori! I think I just fell in love with lockets – esp after the post you did on your blog about your treasure! I remember smearing bird-of-paradise perfume cream by Avon into a locket as a little girl …and it made a nice patina many years later!

  2. Wow… How do I justify adding one of each to my jewelry collection. I am a sucker for anything with a secret. Hmmm… not eating is supposed to be bad for you… and I don’t know exactly HOW to sell off a kidney. Uh, I wonder how much I could get for my soul?

  3. That red Turkish locket is unbelievable. I’ve loved lockers since I was a little kid – and poison rings too. (preferably without poison)

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