one, well 7, to watch: indie craft & design blogs

indie craft & design blogs to watch in 2010.

in addition to all the love i’m sharing this week in the form of fabulous valentine’s day items & gifts, i wanted to “heart” some blogs that i think you’ll adore too. these aren’t just blogs that i enjoy reading – they’re my picks for blogs you’re going to be hearing a lot about in 2010. some are new, some are more established – but, i think, they’ve all got something up their sleeves for the coming year.

is there a blog i missed? pretty please leave me a comment with a link! think i’m completely off base? why not post your own list. and – don’t forget to nominate your favorite blog with a “handmaking focus” for the handmade olympics!

1.) liane at enhabiten. i wrote about her last week but she deserves another mention. her blog is full of fabulous finds and it’s aesthetic and mission are crystal clear. her humor is dry & sarcastic – just the way i like it!

2.) amanda & jenn at kind over matter. just over a year old – this blog is kickin’ butt & taking names, in the kindest way possible of course. if you’re ever in need of a positive affirmation in the form of fab indie style, this is the blog for you.

3.) jenya at evaforeva. a friend from back at handmade in pa, jenya has put a lot of time & thought into her blog in recent months. she’s blogging her photography, her creative process, clever DIY ideas, and more. her lines – evaforeva (winter accessories) and forevamore (clothing) – are divine and her blog is on it’s way up!

4.) the folks at make & meaning. these bloggers are already quite well-known, think paul from dudecraft, alice from futuregirl, and betsy from craftivism, but this blog about the creative community surrounding the handmade movement is brand-new and moving fast.

5.) alison at teen angster. alison, writer & editor for etsy’s own “the storque,” just created her own blogging home on the web. look for this blog to be a wide-range of design & lifestyle inspiration – all with alison’s unique take on the world.

6.) ellie at mint. mint is already a widely read, popular design blog – but now that she’s exclusively devoting her time to her own endeavors this site will become a powerhouse blog. there’s a fantastic mix of graphic design, art, home decor, handmade goods, and indie style.

7.) me right here. yes, you best be watching scoutie girl in 2010. i have an aggressive plan to build this blog, not just in shear numbers but in influence throughout the blogosphere. my plan is already taking shape with an innovative – yikes! can i say that? – new editorial style, popular new features, and more of the content you’ve loved from the start.

but i can’t do it without you. so in the spirit of several posts i’ve written (not all published yet!), i’m going to ask for help.

if you appreciate what scoutie girl does for the handmade movement, if you appreciate the makers featured, the stories shared, and the insight lended – i’m asking you to share a link, write a post, hit the “thumbs up” stumble button.

i appreciate that support more than you know – every time i see a new post mentioning scoutie girl come across my desktop, i get a little giddy! and it helps more than anything else to grow this site, ensuring scoutie girl will be here for many years to come.

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13 thoughts on “one, well 7, to watch: indie craft & design blogs

  1. YOU, my friend! Thank you so much! Your #7 – I will have to agree with you, oh yes. Scoutie Girl is 1 of 4 blogs on my browser toolbar (& KOM is one!) – that doesn’t mean I don’t read other blogs but if I can’t read any on one particular day – yours & the others are a given! Peace to you!

  2. Love Mint! Love Make & Meaning, I’ve been reading the posts on that site every day. They are a bit longer than your typical blog post but well worth the extra minutes to read!!!

    And I love Scoutie Girl too!

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