one to watch :: paintsquare & timeless modern

paintsquare on etsy

paintsquare on etsy

confession: i did not find these at buyers market. i found these right on the good ol’ reliable Etsy front page. and i have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of them on the front page.

these fabulous wood paintings are the work of paintsquare a brand spanking new shop on etsy. they remind me a bit of a gretchenmist painting or collage. what can i say? i’m in love with the color palette, the dimension, the texture, versatility…

oh wait…. they make furniture, too?!

timeless modern concrete & steel coffee table

i found this urban coffee table in their sister shop, timeless modern. fantastic! and i love how they have it staged in a room with so much warm wood and a comfy sofa. i’m a real sucker for those kinds of contrasts…

if i were you, i’d keep my eye on timeless modern & paintsquare.

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