one to watch :: green plum design

green plum design - mini car pillow

green plum design - british inspired screenprinted goods

in my house, anything brit-inspired is fair game for t-shirts, home decor, television shows, sports, etc… my husband is obsessed with all things across-the-pond. so i couldn’t help but swoon over these fun screen-printed home goods from green plum design.

ros, the crafter & designer, moved from britain 10 years ago to sunny california. she’s an interior designer and now sells her wares in her etsy shop.

seriously, i know you need a pillow or tote bag with a scooter or mini. click on over to go shopping!

One thought on “one to watch :: green plum design

  1. My hubby is the same way! I was just thinking he’s travelled overseas to London a bunch but never even seen New York. Must remedy that actually.
    But we love brits!
    (and I’m partial to that bird pillow, having a live “bird” in my house – hehehe)

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