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frogcreative - jersey knot scarf

have i mentioned lately how much jan – daisy janie – has my back? well, she tweeted me last week that i simply must check out frogcreative. and soon, very soon, you’ll see why!

frogcreative - knotted textile scarves

not sure if i’ve mentioned this, but i’ve noticed lately that when i see a shop with a really distinctive design aesthetic, one that really catches my eye, quite often, the designer is israeli. einat, the designer of frogcreative, is – living & working in tel-aviv. she draws inspiration from “organic forms, postmodern architecture, japanese design, music… life.”

the whole concept of her collection revolves around knots. she says:

It presents the ability to create a new textile material by performing a simple action which creates different orders and balances (structure) of knots on the fabric. The texture of the scarves enable changing appearances every time you wear it differently. The items can serve as anything from a look that is delicate and elegant to a dramatic theatrical statement. Every cloth reacts differently to the knotting technique, and creates the impression of a “one of a kind” piece.

frogcreative - knot scarf

textile scarves starting at $45 by frogcreative.

4 thoughts on “one to watch :: frogcreative

  1. I’ve noticed the same thing lately; the work coming from Israeli designers is just lovely & really forward-thinking. I mean, I could list JUST 5 jewelry designers off the top of my head that are Israeli and on Etsy that are doing such neat things!

  2. oooooh, so glad you shared these!! i love, love, love them! i’m slowly turning into a scarfaholic – and these make me completely drool!! (thanks for the mention, too!)

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