one mad giveaway :: tea party giveaway from orglamix

orglamix - tea party eyeshadow

i’ve got a great giveaway for you this week: an eye shadow giveaway from orglamix! if you’re feeling the glam of the oscars and the fantasy of alice in wonderland, you’re going to love orglamix’s tea party eye shadow collection, which includes the shades: chai, lemongrass, jasmine, and chamomile.

cheri, the maker behind orglamix, started her business out of a career spent in the beauty industry. she says:

It started after the birth of my first daughter in 2004 when my skin (along with my self esteem) freaked out. Seemingly overnight my complexion became sensitive, blotchy and unbearably acne-ridden. Whatever makeup I bought to try and conceal my perceived imperfections seemed to make my face look worse. So I began researching ingredients in makeup and stumbled upon mineral makeup. I was instantly captivated by the good-for-you sparkly potions in a rainbow of hues, but once I gave them a try, I was obsessed!

orglamix - mineral eye shadow

maybe you’ve never thought about purchasing handmade beauty products. or maybe you’re not sure where to start. so i asked cheri why she chooses to buy & make handmade beauty products. she says:

I strive to offer a great total user experience โ€”everything from the look and feel of my product, colors and formulas to my packaging and right down to my customer service. I listen to my customers. I respond. I react. I want every interaction with Orglamix to be personal and positive. This is something that’s absent today in the world of large-scale manufacturing and retail. When you buy handmade the entire process: design, craftsmanship, packaging to the purchase is more intimate and meaningful. It’s a beautiful thing!

so – how can you win? easy. tell cheri & i why you need some new eye shadow in the comments below! and please visit orglamix to see the wide variety of mineral make-up products available!


  1. one entry per person.
  2. giveaway is open until sunday, march 14 at 11:59pm eastern time.
  3. winner will be notified monday, march 15 and will have 24 hours to claim her prize.

good luck!

120 thoughts on “one mad giveaway :: tea party giveaway from orglamix

  1. I’d like to be entered in the giveaway because I’m an eyeshadow lover, but too strapped for money to buy some on my own. Couple this with the fact that I got the result on a facebook quiz that I’m “so glam it hurts.”

  2. I need some new eyeshadow because all the beautiful old stuff I used to wear now hurts my eyes. I guess I’ve gotten more sensitive as I’ve gotten older :(

  3. what fabulous colors and sparkle! i could use new eyeshadow because i keep scraping and scraping the old one and just can’t accept its gone. help me find true love again (in an eyeshadow!) thanks ! :)

  4. i would love to win some new eyeshadow! i’ve had your products bookmarked forever but can’t justify the purchase right now with our tight budget. if i don’t win the giveaway i’ll surely be a customer down the road! the colors are amazingly beautiful!

  5. The eyeshadow would actually be for my daughter…she is heading to prom in April and these are lovely colors with just the right sparkle for such an event.

  6. oh these are fabulous!!!

    why am i in desperate need you ask???…

    single… mom… turning 35 on the 12th!!!… & unemployed :(

    le sigh…

  7. I would love some new eye shadow, the same plan cream color for the last couple of years is getting a little old along with me……… is time for a new fresh look.

  8. I need new eyeshadow because I am still stubbornly holding onto old favorite colors from ten years ago (I’m not joking…I wish I was!) I need some new favorites!!

    Love her etsy shop…wonderful colors! And that set of brushes is to die for!

    Thanks for the fun chance to win!

    Hope Ava

  9. Hi Tara and Cheri!

    Sign me up too! Oh, these colors…fabulous! And tea party…great name! I am a wife to an amazing hubby, a mom to 2 beautiful boys-one of which is surviving cancer, and am trying to start my own jewelry business! I am recreating and redefining myself…an am loving every minute of it! Thanks for this great giveaway and opportunity to win awesome mineral eye shadows. I am going to visit orglamix now!

  10. Beeeeutiful! I would love to be entered in your contest because recently I have started a new bright color eyeshadow obsession. it began with hot pink, and went off running from that point. This purple is calling my name!
    thank you:)

  11. I need eyeshadow because all I have is brown eyeshadow right now… boring! I would love to try some new fun colours to wear for spring and summer…:)

  12. blah bland boring…that is my current eyeshadow regimen…and it’s NO GOOD! These are cute and sparkly, and handmade…so cool!

  13. I’m in need of eyeshadow because all I’ve got now are the little freebies from the make up counter (and they that don’t even look that great on me). I’ve been in need of a makeover..these glittery pretties would be sort of a mini pick-me-up for this 30 year old stay at home mom who’s lost her glam.

    thanks for this awesome giveaway, fantastic shop & story!

  14. I’m desperately in need of Orglamix mineral eye color, because I’m in my mid-30s, have the most beautiful blue eyes, and have no idea how to use eye shadow. Add glitter and “mineral pigments” into the description, and I’m sold. I use and love the mineral foundation, blush, and bronzer, that I use… and lip tints made with natural pigments… but have always been too nervous to try eye makeup.

    Count me in!! I just LOVE the shop and all of the different colors. : )

  15. Wow, love the colours and the idea of organic/natural products without all the “other stuff” which tends to react with my skin. I could give you the sob story, middle age ma, 2 teenage boys etc… but even I’m bored with that! Think the products look great and such a nice treat. Thank you.

  16. I definitely need some new eyeshadow simply because I’ve basically had the same thing since before my daughter was born (4 1/2 years ago)! I’ve always loved cosmetics and would love to try Cheri’s. I really don’t buy much for myself so I would love this!! Thank you :0

  17. I need a new eye shadow in beautiful colors like yours! I only have boring beige. Seriously, I have handful of beige. I need a change. But I am too scared to pick a color myself. Please pick me and pick a color that I’ll ready for spring.

  18. ahh! pretty town!

    why do i need some new eye shadow? hmm…
    1. i am girl. (girls love sparkly things.)
    2. i have eyes. (that need some hand made goodness.)
    3. i am longing for spring. (hello bright colors.)

    fun fun fun giveaway! thanks you two.

  19. Love the colors! I think it would be fun to have some new eye shadow because I haven’t purchased any in about 30 years! And my daughter is 13 and I’m sure she’d like it as well :) Thanks!

  20. I am having a fabulous birthday party for my mom in five weeks (it’s her big milestone one)and I would love to give her a classic and gorgeous makeover with only the best eyeshadow around :)

  21. Not only do I love the colors, but I love the name of the mix! I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, including naming my photography business after the book! I love sparkly eyeshadow and the fact that it is all natural makes it even better!

  22. i am a “tomboy” that *might* need a little assistance & encouragement with the sparkley bits… with sensitive skin & a penchant for organics, i’m sure this product line could be a great introduction!

  23. Oh yay, good feature! I am an eye shadow-aholic!! I can’t wait to recover funds from my shop so I can buy other etsian stuff! I am new to the handmade lifestyle/culture (& to selling my handmade treasures!) I really want to switch to handmade bath/beauty products b/c I have heard wonderful things about them & want to try products that are safe to use around my toddler!

  24. I would love to win the eyeshadow because I’m debuting a runway collection at Cincinnati Fashion Week next month and have no money left to beautify myself for the show! A great dramatic eye color would be the perfect way to treat myself after months of hard work : )


  25. I think I need eye shadow because I am in University and it would be sweet to have sparkly eyes for parties :) They are so pretty and sparkly ! I would have the nicest eyes at every party !

  26. I would love to try a new product! Also, like most others, I’m trying to save money during hard economic times. What better way than to win makeup?

  27. Hmmm…am I in an essay competition about why i need new eye shadow? Well, I’m up right now at 3:15 am because I’m a mother who works full time and also has a natural facial care business ( that I work away on at night in my basement alchemical laboratory. And all for rather similar goals to those of orglamix. Namely, I want people to enjoy natural products on their faces and to see the benefits. I know the benefits of mineral make-up and let’s be real: when my alarm goes off at 7:30 this morning, I’m going to need a bit of sparkle :-)

  28. first of I love the colours very pretty. I need some new eyeshadow as it is A new season spring and the colours looks beautiful for spring and also I only have a small collection of eyeshadow that are harsh neon colours and would wish to expand on my colour range

  29. I could really use something like this for a little self-confidence boost. I’ve started having stress-related breakouts and am feeling really self consious!

  30. I’ve been hesitant to wear eye makeup because I can never find the right shades, so I’d love to give this a try!

  31. I need new eye shadow so I can try my hand at making “franken” nail polishes. This is something nail polish bloggers talk about all the time. You take some eyeshadow or glitter and mix it with a clear polish to make something new. It can also refer to mixing polishes together. I haven’t tried using eyeshadow yet, but I am still on the hunt for the perfect army green polish and Orglamix has some colors that might help me out!

  32. I am a next-generation young woman who loves to sparkle, so I would make a perfect pair with your pure and lovely lid decor. We are also both free of Nano Particles, Bismuth Oxychloride, Synthetic Dyes, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Parabens. A match made in beauty heaven. Unfortunately, most of the makeup that I run into doesn’t fit that description. If it does… it’s usually not very attractive. As a female with high standards, I can’t go for just personality. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. These are such fun colors for spring, and I am in need of new eyeshadow colors for spring! I feel like I have been stuck in dark colors for the winter and I am ready for something bright and cheery!

  34. I would love to win because I’ve sworn to go off of buying eyeshadow for this year…but winning eyeshadow doesn’t count, right?

  35. I would love to win because money’s tight so I can’t treat myself to new eyeshadow, but I’ve had orglamix hearted on Etsy for ages, and it’d be fun to try out!


  36. Ooooh, I’ve been considering purchasing some hand-made makeup but I’ve been too scared to spend the money on something I can’t see and feel. I would love to try out this eye-shadow & hopefully find some hand-made makeup that I love!!

  37. I already have some Orglamix makeup and I really love it! I’d love some more, though, and it would be a great treat since I just started my new job today!

  38. Wow. I love mineral makeup. I didn’t even know this was out there. There are so many great colors. I need a new eye shadow because who doesn’t. Plus there nothing better than when your having a bad day and someone tells you “Wow, you eyes look great! How did you do that?” Which totally derails your upset day while you give them a play by play makeup application process.

  39. I need new eye shadow because all of my eye shadows are beige and brown and sometimes a girl needs a little color.

  40. I totally love this! I would love to win because I am just starting to switch over to organic stuff and this would be a great starter piece! Also, my daughter has sensitive skin so I would like to check out what you have and what works for you. She’s 14 and loves makeup too, but her skin bounces between break outs and then it gets overly dry… It’s hard to find a happy medium…

  41. I have been told I have pretty eyes, and I see that cheri has an “intensify” listing for blue eyes. I’d really like to learn how to play up my eye color.โ™ฅ

  42. I just started wearing makeup again after a long stint of not wearing it โ€” so long that I had to throw everything out because it was too old! All I have it a couple shades of Neutrogena Mineral Sheers :(

  43. Wow, a lot of entries! Good work!! Well, I’ve told myself for sometime that I will no longer buy chemical laden beauty products. So I have bought nothing. Haha, I don’t know where to start! This would be a good introduction for me, and something I’d also feel good about sharing with my daughter at times, knowing it’s not going to end up poisoning her somehow.
    Thanks for your consideration.


  44. Are you kidding?! How can anyone NOT want more colours in their cosmetics drawer? Like Cheri, my normally normal skin went berserk (mid-life crisis?) and I was left scrambling for better cosmetics that wouldn’t irritate my skin. And being pretty to feel good about yourself never hurts. (^_~)

  45. I’ve already visited the Orglamix Etsy store before- thera are really many beautiful eyeshadows, it’s quite difficult to choose as I’d gladly take them all:)
    I need new eyeshadows, because I’m bored of my old ones, and the spring is near, so I’d like to try something new.

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  46. I need it because I love especially eye make-up (I use eye liner and eye shadow). And I want to feel more beautiful:)

  47. Spring has sprung. My makeup is way past its use date and would like to spruce up this old face with new shadow that will work with my sensitive skin

  48. I would love some new eyeshadow! I had to just toss three of my colors cause they were getting to old so now I have to replace them with some new colors. ambrerose(!at)

  49. As a student make-up is on the bottom of the list of purchase . With a tight budget my make-up has been neglected. I haven’t bought any new make-up in more than 8 months. On top of that I have sensitive skin so im am very specific about what I put on my face .

  50. I need some new eye makeup because the product I have been using for years has been discontinued!! Last time I bought it was a year ago and I stocked up on it since I had to buy $50 of it online to get free shipping and now my supply is almost gone and I have no idea what product I will try next or what I will end up liking so I need some new ideas on what to try.

  51. I’d like some for I don ‘t have loads. I mostly have lip products but need to start concentrating on my eyes too

  52. I’ve been rockin’ eyeshadow since the 80’s and I love the colors you offer! They remind me of the rich, deep, vibrant hues of days gone by and oh, how I long for those days…

    I use mineral makeup regularly, so how amazing that you create the same type of formulation in eyeshadows too.



  53. why does one need more eyeshadow? dear god, can there ever be enough?? Orglamix has shades i have never seen before, but have lusted for for a while! the Tangerine and Citron ones are amazing 8)

  54. Because, these are beautiful colours! :) And because my eyes are very sensitive. And because I would like to be nicer and I love mineral cosmetics… :-)

  55. i would like to enter your giveaway. i really need a new eyeshadow coz i have to replace my old ones. i bought them 6 years ago probably the same time cheri started her business, lol.
    [email protected]

  56. I would love to try this brand and I’m definitely going to check out their website. I’m always looking for new toxin-free makeup. If there is time, please enter me in the drawing!

  57. I would love some new makeup since I recently went on a “clear out all the old makeup” binge. Help me replenish my supply. Thanks :-)

  58. I need some new makeup because I’ve recently decided to start wearing it again (you need to feel pretty, even if you work in a warehouse) & all my old makeup is too old to use, besides, these colors are gorgeous!

  59. oh, I love the shop, and the huge selection! As a mom, I love appliying just a bit of makeup, it still looks natural but makes me feel a little bit prettier! Great giveaway!

  60. Beautiful colors!!! My poor boyfriend glances into my eye- shadowed eyes bored to tears. I’ve used the same color for years!!! i got it as a gift and it’s lasted FOREVER!!! i need a new color pronto!!! IT would be great. Thank you for the opportunity!!!!!!!! – diane

  61. So, I need some new eyeshadow, because, I’m not much of an eyeshadow user. Wait- stay with me here. I buy quite a few makeup, and the usage of makeup I bought is very minimum. Why? I don’t even know. But after reading this blog post, I have a desire to try eyeshadow and give it a chance – sorry it sounds corny LOOL.

  62. Hi this is Tann..
    I need more eyeshadow because I just finished my beauty class with my friend’s mom.. I need a lot of practice to make my skill better.. No, I only have 1 pallette of 12 colors eye shadow, 1 pallette of highlighter, 1 dark brown eyeshadow, and 1 gold eye shadow…
    so, I really need it!! =D
    I visit orglamix and since I just watched Alice in wonderland, I’m so curious to know further about your Tea Part Collection.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    you can contact me [email protected]

  63. I enjoy experimenting the looks that I am able to create with different shades. I believe the shade called “Indigo” would be wonderful for blending. I would love to try some new eyeshadow because I want to expand the variety of looks I am able to create!

  64. I am in desperate need of a new color palette to try. These colors are so bright and beautiful and perfect for spring!

  65. I love this site, fantastic items! Not to mention her eyes are breathtaking! I want the ‘cardamom” eyeshadow…I’m shopping now for a color for myself =)

  66. I need some new eye-make because my darling daughter has ‘borrowed’ all mine for her dance shows.

    I love their colours especially the cardamom and the silk

  67. I need this eyeshadows! I’m a fan of mineral makeup because it respects my skin! In addition, the colours are great!

  68. Oh make up. I love make up. I haven’t bought eyeshadow in at least a year – maybe two!
    I just had my second kiddo 7.5 months ago and am finding joy in accessorizing and making myself look and feel “pretty”. :)

  69. Hey Tara & Cheri!,
    You’re stuff looks GREAT! I’m always on the hunt for great looking make-up that safe, affordable, and wearable on my sensitive skin. (This is not so easy in a “cutting corners” kind of society)My schools prom is coming up and your new shadows look like they’d do the trick! :)
    I can’t wait to try!
    Annalese Johnson.

  70. Hi!

    I need some new eyeshadows because eyeshadow palette is very old!…
    I love the colors of Orglamix :)

  71. As a toxicologist I support companies that eliminate the amount of chemicals we put in/on our bodies and into the environment.
    As a feminist I love to support women representing true beauty.
    As a supporter of sustainability I support local businesses.
    As a tea drinker I support the yumminess of originality.

    As an Alice in wonderland fan (book and movies)I say:

    Would you like a little more tea?
    Well, I haven’t had any yet, so I can’t very well take more.
    Ah, you mean you can’t very well take less.
    Yes. You can always take more than nothing.

    So please give me more than nothing of those wonderful eye shadows ๐Ÿ˜‰

  72. Beautiful colors and shimmer! Why do I need eyeshadow….well, I really don’t need it for myself, but I would like to win this for my daughter, Lindsey. Lindsey will be turning 17 in 5 days…she is exploring her options in the exciting world of makeup and I would really like for her to use the best products for her skin from the get-go. I really think she would LOVE the colors and the shine of these beautiful shadows.
    Smiles, Karen

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