On Summer Slumber and Ambition

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I had a completely different post ready for you today, but during these past few weeks the onslaught of summer has led me to a delightful dilly of a pickle. To quote a friend, summer’s simply got “a hold on me.”

It’s sunny and hot; farmers’ markets are overflowing with fresh produce, enticing me to indulge my inner foodie; I’m less than a five-minute walk from a beach, a gelato shop, and four coffee shop patios.

If that wasn’t enough, I just spent a blissful week by a lake in the woods where the soundtrack was predominantly nature-made, and the most pressing question was which bag of potato chips I’d open next.

How on earth is a girl to engage into full work mode under such circumstances?

Very gently, I say.

Here’s the dilemma: Sultry summer is here (in the northern hemisphere), bringing with it a desire to kick back and relax, but for many of us–some by choice and others not, work goals remain.

How does one reconcile the slumber-filled nature of summer with the ambitious tone of work and deadlines?

After turning it around in my head for the past week, I came up with a few ideas that may help:

Re-evaluate your priorities. What really needs to get done? Why? Focus on your short list; the rest is gravy.

If you can, reduce or manage work expectations, especially the week after summer vacation.

Plan your work on a calendar. By knowing when you need to get things done to meet your summer goals, you’ll know exactly how much catching up you’ll have to do when you ditch the office for an impromptu day at the water park.

Take it outside. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a cool drink and soak up the sun while getting things done.

Know when it’s time to push and buckle down. Commit to spending a specific amount of time working, and honor it. When you’re done, reward yourself with something completely summer-licious like a bowl of berries, [insert refreshment of choice here] on a patio, or an afternoon at the beach.

Know when it’s time to ease up. Summer is short and so is life. Sometimes plans are meant to be chucked aside for good old-fashioned fun in the sun. No calculations, no justifications necessary.

How do you approach work during the summer?

Do you shift your habits at all? If so, what do you do differently?

5 thoughts on “On Summer Slumber and Ambition

  1. I am definitely suffering from summeritis. I do need to remember to factor in the week AFTER vacation as a slow production period because it always IS…every single year. So, I will be gentle with myself as I come out of this haze. Great tips, Stephanie!

  2. My problem is that I always do tend to slow down in summer and then I come up short for the Nov-Dec show season. My goal this summer is not to push super hard, but to actually keep a constant, if slower output happening.

  3. Great ideas and suggestions. I feel like I put a lot of pressure on myself to have the ‘best summer ever’ now that I’m finally done with school, but there will be many more that I can do that with. <3

  4. This summer has been totally different for me. I closed my shop! Yes I did. I am lucky to have my grandchild to cuddle and love all summer long AND we are moving in September! So I am taking 3 months off to pack the house and nurture my girl. I think it will be refreshing and I am already looking forward to starting over and reinventing myself in a new state.

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