on feelgooder: reclaim your creativity

I took a full time job at one of the bookstore chains, slinging coffee and steaming milk. I was passionate about coffee and books. Turns out I was also passionate about business. But Fortune 500 retail management doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity in the workplace.

My independent successes were often overruled by overlords—I mean, middle managers—who preached conformity.

My mood ebbed and flowed with the decisions that those above me made. I rose in the ranks and found that the higher I went, the less creativity I was allowed.

In a lifetime of run-ins with depression, I battled the worst bout while working there. With no time or energy for self-expression, I couldn’t act on my usual creative self remedies. I quickly spiraled out of control, losing about 30lbs as my body shut down. I drove to work wanting to die. I drove home from work wanting to die.

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4 thoughts on “on feelgooder: reclaim your creativity

  1. I read your full post on FeelGooder and I’m sitting here wondering how someone can sum up such difficult topics so perfectly. So many of your words rang true and had me wanting to shout, “Amen!”

    I was (am) stuck in a job that total drains me. I often feel the same way you did driving into work. I started my blog over a year ago as an attempt to let off some “creative steam”. Creating just makes me feel better, it feeds my soul. While I am still looking for the way out of my job, I at least have my blog to pour my heart and soul into.

    Thanks for all your inspiring words. You help more people than you will ever know. xoxo

  2. I too just read your full post on FeelGood. It is so on target!

    I was recently laid-off from my job; truly a blessing in disguise. The hours and workload were so demanding that I would come home wiped-out; drained and dull. I had no time for anything of the creative things I love to to; no opportunity to rejuvinate. This had physical and mental effects. I felt like I was “dieing”.

    Now that my days are an open slate, I’m working on several creative projects and beginning to feel more like myself. With balance back into my life, I’m happier, more energetic and enthusiastic; my outlook is positive and optimistic.

    I’m going to look at my former job as a life lesson learned. While work is important on so many levels, hopefully I will never let my life get to its former level of imbalance again.

  3. I felt that way for two years. My decision to quit and just go for it was based on a lot of hard work. And, I remember almost a year ago reading something you said on this blog “You can’t make full time money doing something part time.”

    I always said “Once I am making FT money I will quit.” Once I read what you said, I was honest with myself that making FT money on my PT business was never going to happen. I needed to make sacrifices and just go for it…or drive to and from work hating my life.

    Thanks for your inspiration and for sharing your journey!

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