old books make new art

old books make new art - illustrations on vintage book pages

i have 3 prints similar to these. love. what a way to make add another interesting dimension to a piece of art than to render it on a vintage book page?

{clockwise from top left}
houses 3 print by carambatack
they used this boat print by emma kidd
holga camera diagram by girlscantell
specimen 9. prairie chicken/spyroidea print by wondercabinet

8 thoughts on “old books make new art

  1. Yay, I love seeing the old book pages being used. The page with the Holga Camera Diagram from Girlscantell is actually a page from a book I gave to Sara, after I made a purse from the cover. If any other artists are interested in old book pages, I have thousands, and am always happy to see them go to good homes.

    1. I would love to get the inner pages of some of your used books! Please let me know how to go about that!! Let me know the best way to contact you and will do. :)


  2. Very cool finds! I have been working on something like this myself. I have a vintage instructional book “Painting Trees & Landscapes in Watercolor” that I have been prepping pages for painting. It’s taking FOREVER, but should be worth it when its a completed piece~I’m hoping to keep the book in tact :)

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