Oh Veronica, How I still miss you….

Mac in THE shirt

my favorite show of all time is veronica mars. it was a cult classic, the best tv show that no one was watching. when the show ended a few years ago, they did the unthinkable. the creator rob thomas mistakenly thought the show would be back and he not only left a cliff-hanger ending but also kept the ‘core couple’, veronica and logan, broken up.

it was a sad day in tv land and i’ve been trying to mend my broken heart ever since. sure i have lost, chuck, true blood and another 20+ shows on the DVR but my heart belongs to VM. I always reminisce (to myself, anyone who will listen and best of all, friends who share my love) about the best moments on the show. One of them was when Mac, veronica’s best friend, shows up a party wearing the most hilarious boy revolting shirt ever.

Then today, like fate, i come across etsy shop goldenstiletto who carries pencils with the very phrase on mac’s shirt…

ask me about my std pencil

if you aren’t a fan of veronica (sigh!), what about the gleeks on glee? shop owner yvette will hook you up with some hilarious pencils like these:

Glee Pencils

Glee Pencils

Glee Pencils

8 thoughts on “Oh Veronica, How I still miss you….

  1. I watched VM, but I must say it wasn’t a very deep love…
    But I feel you, I had that feeling for my all time favorite show Gilmore Girls, I thought the ending was.. blah.

    Love the pencils though, fun fun idea!

  2. 1) These pencils are awesome! 2) I’m with you on Lost, True Blood (Battlestar too?? Come on..) but I never saw much of Veronica Mars. Not on purpose just never caught much of it. But I’ve heard from a few others it was good. And ha, I also have the DVR crammed with a few show lol.

  3. This post SINGS to me. VM is something I like to talk about frequently – except usually people don’t really care because they don’t share the same passion. I watched VM last summer on dvd straight thru (also devastated about the ending). It is currently avaialbe ondemand and I have been rewatching it and enjoying it just as much as the first time around. I just passed the epi where veroncia and logan kiss on the balcony for the first time – nothing like it! I miss that snarky mystery solver!

    great post!

  4. LOVED VM so much. It was such a smart show who’s heroine didn’t care about typical high school drama and saw the bigger picture, life. Veronica was a good role model for teenager girls and next to her, mac was my favorite. Great post, thanks for the reminder. Here’s hoping for a movie… to finally give us true fans closure. (Although in my mind, everyone lived happily ever after heehee)

  5. I loved loved loved this show – smart, fun, sassy – I swear TV execs don’t know what they are doing most of the time. Nice to find others who share my passion:)

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