off the clock: beautiful, happy, sad

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I don’t want to be a coach today.

I love what I do; this is not about that.

It’s about vulnerability. Freedom. Identity. It’s about being who I am when I’m off the clock and being it here in this space. It’s about not having answers, or even questions. It’s about being. Openly. Unapologetically.

Today I was a wife. I saw my husband cry. I touched his arm. I listened. We laughed, shared burritos, and picked up groceries.

Today I was a daughter. I called my dad. I told him that I missed him and that I wanted to see him soon. I didn’t tell him that one of my deepest fears is that he will pass away before I move closer to home and then I’ll regret all the years I spent so far away from the nest. We talked about the weather. We said we’d probably see each other soon.

Today I cleaned out my entire house. We’re moving in a couple months, and today was purge day. Day of going through the entire house and making a pile of things we want to leave behind. A bunny creamer I got for a birthday. A throw we got as a wedding gift. The DVR we never even used. A pile of memories. Of shapes that have taken space in our home for years. All that we have no significant attachment to. Could I leave it all behind? Sometimes I want to.

This is who I was today. A nothing day, I guess. A mundane day. But filled with beautiful and happy and sad little moments.

If I was being a coach, I’d leave you with a thoughtful question so you could draw out your own lesson from this post. But I’m not gonna do that, because that’s not who I’m being today.

And besides, I trust you.

I trust you to gather up all the beautiful and happy and sad little moments of your day. Because that’s who you are. And sometimes the mundane is just enough.

Gathering light,

13 thoughts on “off the clock: beautiful, happy, sad

  1. my first time to your site. i’m left nearly breathless. nothing more to say today, but i will be back for sure.

  2. Just beautiful, Laura!
    I’m having a similar day today. It’s about being present for that little moments, the good and the “less good” ones. It’s incredible the things we discover in the mundane!
    Thank you for sharing.

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