open letter to my macbook

knit macbook cover - martice
knit macbook cover by martice

my dearest macbook,

it’s been over 2 and a half years since we first laid eyes on each other: you, in your sleek white box, and i, a blushing bride. i was wary at first. my dell laptop, so well-loved: dell & i knew each other. but you waited. patiently.

dell & i grew apart… he spent long weekends in his case. i caressed your keys while your dad – my husband – was at work. we flirted until i could take it no longer.

recycled billboard laptop cover - nottypooch
recycled billboard laptop cover by nottypooch

then, there was the blogging. early mornings, late nights – stolen afternoons, my fingers all over your plastic surface. finally, your dad got a new dell and you were mine, all mine!

but this relationship hasn’t been easy. little plastic pieces have started cracking from your delicate exterior. cereal & coffee smudges mar your pristine shell. i’ve used & abused you to the point of nearly crashing. and of course, being a mac, you just took the beating.

applesac messenger bag - macbook case
messenger bag & macbook case by applesac

it couldn’t last forever. that spark has faded – and your battery has died – and it’s time for me to move on. really, it’s not you, it’s me. i need to run a lot of social media tools and design programs at the same time. seriously, i have a problem. so, i’ve found someone new. he’s younger, bigger, faster. he’s made for me.

but i’ll never forget you, macbook. you never forget your first love.

your scoutie girl

23 thoughts on “open letter to my macbook

  1. aahhh, a bittersweet moment :). we made the “big” switch to an apple a couple years ago after both of our laptops (one was a dell) bit the dust. now we (well, mostly me) are in love with our macbook. i really like the laptop cover by nottypooch…just enough protection from the harsh elements. lately, the imac has been wooing us and longing for our attention…a macbook and an imac under one roof…my life would be complete.

    1. i like the more power for a better price of an imac… but i simple must be on the go with my computer! and i’m not nearly organized to have my stuff in two places 😉

      thanks for stopping by, prasti!

    1. hi courtney! i think i’ve made the decision to hold off until the next generation of ipad. unless i see one and simply have to have it… gosh. why does apple have to make it so difficult to be a geek??

    1. hi christopher! isn’t that a testament to how the things they make just seem to *work*! what a concept?? and that’s why we love them and will buy anything they make. good products = a good marketing model!

  2. i’m so jealous! i just upgraded my Mac hard drive after a horrible hard drive failure incident…but as I was at the Mac store I was lusting after that 17″ laptop screen….

    1. hi liz! really – that’s my goal… to make everyone jealous 😉 not really!

      i don’t think i’m going to go for the 17″. i don’t do any print work and convenience is more my objective. so 15″ as fast & powerful as they can give me, i think!

  3. I am still on the honeymoon with my Macbook… it was love at first sight… although I do gaze at the pro… but only from a distance at this point… this is my first computer… of my own… ever! I must say I love it and I’m so glad I went with the Mac… I don’t know if I could manage a computer that wasn’t just sorting things out without my understanding…
    Very cute post and congratulations on your new acquisition.

  4. Hi :)

    Thank you for featuring my sleeves :) I know all about pieces falling of the macbook 😉 not mine.. but my boyfriends! Mine is still shiny and sort of new 😉

    We both have the same one but if I open them I can see which one is mine.. not by the cracks, but by the amount of smudge that’s on top of his screen, keybord etc 😉 not so white anymore :)

    Well thank you again :)


  5. LOL! What a fun post! We are running a MacBook and an iMac at the moment – love them to pieces. :) Been on a Mac since 5 years ago and I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to run a Windows anymore. :)

    Thanks for featuring our recycled banner sleeve for MacBook! :)

  6. Welcome to the MBP Club, if you think you were in love before well hmmm, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I’ve been on Mac since the days of the Macintosh Plus and have owned an LC III, 605 Quadra, Power Macintosh 9600, Power Macintosh G3 and the iMac G5 (before the iSight).

    I currently own a 4+ year old 17″ MacBook Pro, a 3+ year old 20″ iMac and an iPod Touch and I’m lusting after the iPad and the 27″ iMac. As you can tell, the love affair doesn’t show any sign of waning. My husband often says that Windows has captives and Apple has fans.

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