ocean vacation :: porcelain & sterling jewerly by caspar metal

caspar metal - sea-inspired ceramic & sterling silver jewelry

don’t these pieces look like you could have picked up on your latest scuba expedition?

oh, you don’t scuba dive? neither do i.

which is why i need one or a few of these porcelain & sterling silver pieces by rachel kalman of caspar metal. rachel, inspired by sea life, sculpts each small pieces out of porcelain and joins them to her own metalsmithed bezels & settings.

5 thoughts on “ocean vacation :: porcelain & sterling jewerly by caspar metal

  1. Thanks for the comment! It is nice to meet you to. Thanks for the encouragement about school, I am really feeling positive about it and I am enjoying thinking through the logistics of it all.

    I LOVE your blog and feel totally honored that I was mentioned in the same post as someone who does all of this! And I totally agree about Clementine Sketch… :) It is my favorite right now. Can’t wait to browse through some more of your blog!

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