notes on a handmade holiday: phydeaux designs

Brenda Lavell is the yarn goddess behind Phydeaux Designs. She offers cozy knitted accessories, patterns to DIY, and handmade buttons to finish off all manner of projects.

Below, Brenda shares her notes on a handmade holiday:

“Handmade” and “holidays” go together for me – absolutely inseparable.

Over the years, I’ve received my fair share of Christmas presents. I still – 30-40 years later! – treasure those that were made by the giver. My little brother’s misshapen clay bowl, my grandmother’s now threadbare quilt or worn into silken softness embroidered pillowcases.

The love, care, energy that goes into those creations has carried forward and are my most cherished positions, eliciting a smile, a laugh, a tear as memories of my long gone loved ones fill me with love over the holidays. Handmade and the holidays? Yep, they belong.

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  1. Thank you, Tara! I thought about your question over the Thanksgiving holiday with my family, as we talked about the cherished memories behind each of the family ornaments and decorations. :)

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