no technology is the new technology


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There are so many ways to plug in to connect and promote.

As a creative business owner, you may have a website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter stream, Skype account, Flickr profile, Etsy shop, and now, Google + circles.

Your laptop, your mobile phone, you’re totally accessible.

But are you?

The technology literally at our finger tips is incredibly powerful. It’s what allows you to work with clients in Australia, sell to gals in France, and start conversations with customers in Bolivia. No wonder so many women are succeeding with online business.

But the truth remains: nothing can replace the power of in-person.

When people see the texture of your painting, feel the softness of your t-shirts, hear the vulnerability in your voice, feel your presence in the room…they will talk. They might like you and your work online, but when they get the real deal live & in person, they have an experience worth sharing. It’s more tangible. I takes up time and space. And it gives them more authority to tell their friends.

What does this mean for your biz? Two things:

1. Get physical

Show up or showcase, but get your work into actual rooms where people can see it, hear it, touch it. This can be as simple as talking to people you meet about what you do. It can mean attending or hosting events & conferences, or finding ways for your work to get off a computer screen and into warm hands.

2. Make online more “real”

What can you tweak about your online home base to make it more like the experience of your work in person? Can you add close-up photos of your painting that show the texture? A testimonial that talks about the softness of your t-shirts? Could you mail a sample of the fabric? How about video or audio of you doing your thing?

You’re online to connect and profit, but don’t underestimate the opportunities of old-fashioned talking and sharing. What can you do in your business to harness the power of in-person face time? Let us know in the comments.

Gathering light,

5 thoughts on “no technology is the new technology

  1. Excellent post but difficult to put into effect. As a writer of murder mystery plays for am dram groups, schools and fundraisers with no-one other than me to look after my children when they’re not in school and most of my customers in other regions of the country, it’s very difficult to meet my clients. However, I have been looking for ways to add videos to my blog and FB page or perhaps audio readings from my scripts. I think a lot of work-at-home-mums are in the same situation.

    1. The beauty of online business is that you can have clients from far away. I think audio from your scripts would be great implementation. You don’t have to go all out to “go out,” or to bring a richer experience to your clients on your site. Three cheers for mums!

  2. As a visual artist this is a dilemma. How do I get the impact of the live work across on a computer screen. I think the idea of testimonials is good. A lot to ponder…

    1. I always like to see at least one photo of the artwork displayed somewhere. It’s nice to see it in a context, whether that’s an art show or someone’s home.

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