New Year’s Entertaining Ideas from the Sweetest Occasion

cocktail recipe cards by revelry
{recipe cards by revelry}

With the holidays upon us, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite details for great New Year’s Eve entertaining, ideas that are sweet and simple yet sure to impress. In my mind, the best parties are ones that are down to earth and feature lots of good cheer with a few well chosen details to make your friends smile when they walk in your home.

Create a simple spread of cocktails and other beverages. Greet your friends with a drink at the ready and then send them all home with cute cocktail recipe cards so they can recreate their favorite cocktail later.

comic book paper ornaments
{comic book ornaments by bookity}

Keep decor simple by hanging a cluster of fun paper ornaments like these made from comic book pages over your bar area.

diy cakestand by burplap and blue
{diy cakestand by burlap & blue}

Serve finger foods set out on pretty homemade stands like this one, it’s really chic and functional and it instantly elevates the presentation to something really special.

recycled wood chalkboard by rowan's room
{recycled wood chalkboard by rowan’s room}

To keep things fun, set up a few different areas for playing games of all varieties – card games, video games, karaoke or whatever your group loves. Make a simple chalkboard sign for each area (all you need is a scrap of wood and chalkboard paint) to use for score keeping. (You could also find a few antique chalkboards to make it even simpler.)

handmade bubble wands by thyme2dream
{handmade bubble wand by thyme2dream}

Depending on where you’re located, at midnight hand out bubble wands and send your friends out to ring in the new year while they blow bubbles in the snow. It’s just the kind of unexpected fun they’re sure to remember.

flapper headband by twigs & honey
{flapper headband by twigs & honey}

Of course, being New Year’s Eve and all, you’re going to need something great to wear so find yourself a fabulous accessory or two. My pick is this flapper-inspired headband.

And that’s that – great entertaining can be as simple as a few great details and a hostess who feels like a million bucks wearing something pretty that she loves. A big thank you to Tara for allowing me to visit and best wishes to all of you for a very happy New Year!

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  1. Love these~ especially the comic book decorations and bubbles. Though it leaves me wishing that I could stay up past 10… life with two toddlers leaves me exhausted! =)

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