new shop on the block: art garage sale

[clockwise from top-left]lucky jade ring from lunasa designs
damask sketch notebook from 315thomas
'the diamond tree' original from jess gonacha
'fall colors' art print from withremote
teal swash totebag from backyard design

have you heard about art garage sale? it's a cool new website offering affordable art in categories like jewelry, painting, printmaking and fiber (and more). founder Travis Allison is passionate about art and even moreso about the availability of great art to regular janes & joes like us. his years of experience at a contemporary art museum convinced him that "something is very special about purchasing artwork" and enjoying it in one's home, and he created art garage sale very much in that same spirit. keep the enthusiasm, Travis, and good things are certain to follow!

to artists: he's offering a totally free trial period with no listing fees until June 2009! you can find more info on selling here. traffic to the site is bustling big time, and new artists are signing up everyday.

4 thoughts on “new shop on the block: art garage sale

  1. Every now and then I get an email invitation to a new site. Sometimes they will interest me enough to look around for a bit, often I ignore them. Yesterday I opened an email from ArtGarageSale, checked out the site and signed up almost immediately! I created a special line of small works just for that site. I love it. I know I’m so very new there, but something, actually many things, about it just click with me. It reminds me of how I felt when I fell in love with Etsy in 2006. As an artist, I love that Travis created a site with a solid art focus. Having many mediums of fine art and fine crafts is great – the more the merrier! But I have a feeling he is bringing in a large art buying community – just the sort of folks I love to show my art to, of course!

    So in a nutshell, I’m an optomistic and hopeful fan and new member of Thank you for mentioning them in your blog. (I googled the site name and found you).

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