new post on the storque & welcome!

beehive kitchenware
coffee spoon by beehive kitchenware

lots of fresh faces around scoutie girl lately!! welcome to all of you! whether this is your first time or your 101st time, you can find out more about scoutie girl and its contributors to get a feel for what we do here. we’re all about promoting indie craft and design while bringing people together around our shared vision.

you can also connect with scoutie girl on twitter and on facebook – where i post even more great handmade finds & posts from around the blogosphere.

i’m also happy to tell you that you can catch megan, from crafting an mba, and i over at the storque today sharing 3 tips for using wholesale or trade shows to boost your handmade business. we wanted to share our observations from the recent trip to the buyers market of american craft and show off a few more of our great finds from the show!

please click on over and leave a comment!

for more of my finds from the buyers market, check out my previous posts!

17 thoughts on “new post on the storque & welcome!

    1. ack!! so sorry, hijiri! i’ve added the credit now. but the spoon in the image is from beehive kitchenware on etsy. you can now click the link under the picture!

      welcome to scoutie girl!

  1. Hi Tara – Just found your blog via the awesome article in the Storque. Love the article (so many helpful tips!) and your blog is great too. I’m off to peruse all your great finds…

  2. Tara, I did what I said, grabbed that hot tea and sat down for some reading. I took notes on what you had to say and once I get my new product line launched, I will hopefully be able to establish more of a brand and eventually participate in a show. I think you are right about building your brand first. I’d love to be someones etsy/blog crush one day! Thank you for all of your tips. And of course love Megan’s blog.

    1. hi kelly! it’s so hard to see things when you’re always looking from the same perspective. i hope we gave you a different view! thanks for the great feedback.

  3. I just read the Storque article on Etsy and wish I had known all this great information before going to a big Trade Show, which was a last minute opportunity for us that we decided to take advantage of. Nevertheless, I’m glad we went and now we are prepared with even more great information thanks to you and Megan Auman! I so appreciate you guys educating artists and designers online like this! This is exactly what I have been looking for!

  4. Hi Tara,

    I just read the Storque article and it really inspired me. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve experienced some very difficult personal situations that had left me feeling very unmotivated. I haven’t been able to tweet or write anything on Facebook, much less create anything. After reading the article and seeing all the wonderful success stories, I discovered that there is still a little spark of “I can do this left in me”. While not quite ready to jump back in with both feet, I am going to pick up my crochet needle again and see what comes out. Thanks so much to all the wonderful artists that shared their success. I’m bookmarking all your sites and using them for some much needed inspiration.

  5. Found the Storque article in my email and I am so glad that I decided to read it. I do craft shows and I can see how the info provided will come in very handy this season. I like “Emily” in the comment above have also been feeling “unmotivated” and have neglected my blog as well as my shop. Reading articles like this one really makes me realize that success is out there for those that are willing to work for it. Thanks for the renewed spirit.

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