New From Megan Auman: Leather Cozycuffs

Not so long ago, Miss Megan Auman showed up at my house bedecked in a newfangled type of cozycuff.

It was made of leather.

A cozycuff made of leather? I about cried out of sheer joy.

I love the felt ones. Don’t get me wrong – and by the way, she has two new colors of those as well – but they make me a tad hot so they’re a winter accessory for me. But leather?! Gah. Sign me up.

If you’re new to the cozycuff, it’s an adjustable bracelet & coffee cozy all-in-one. It’s pretty much the most fashionable way to slurp down your morning joe. The cozycuffs – leather & industrial felt – are lasercut in Megan’s signature repeating leaf pattern, snaps are added, and fabulousness ensues.

I got mine a couple of weeks back and aside from sleeping & showering (yes, showering is what of what I actually do do) it hasn’t left my wrist. It goes with everything and makes everything look better.

Pick up your cozycuff today for $40-45 – FREE shipping on all US orders.

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