Never Too Late to Bloom

purple flower“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

I am turning 42 in 2 weeks. I am a late bloomer.
It took until I was 40 to start dreaming more clearly of what I want in this life beyond what I already have.
It took until I was 41 to declare it to the world.

Not everyone has their path selected early and the steps flowing one after the other. Some things we never knew existed. Others we simply forgot. Still others we were told were not for us and we listened.

It can be hard rediscovering yourself at a later stage of life. Even as you unravel the layers, ask the hard questions and begin to play and dream again, there are the steps that will follow and they can be uneven.

You once walked confidently down the well-worn path, bored even at times, able to walk with your eyes closed. Now the ground is unfamiliar, it takes concentration and unsteady steps to make progress. You must become comfortable with being a beginner or being vulnerable.

It is worth it though – these baby steps heading tentatively (or fiercely and confidently) in the direction you desire.

We all deserve to find our path.

Sometimes we follow multiple paths even. All of it is of value in this rich and layered life.

The 45-year-old who has sent her last child off to college and now wants to figure out what she too will be when she grows up.
The 55-year-old who remembers playing with her toy doctor kit now applies to med school. She will graduate along with her children’s peers.
The 65-year-old who takes up yoga and reconnects with her previously limber body, surprised at all it can still do.
The 70-year-old who joins his son for a jog and finds a new passion, loving the sound of his sneakers pounding the ground and the feel of the wind on his face – alive and strong.

It is so easy to focus on the time that has passed and the limitations you feel exist.

Instead, look ahead and relish in blooming – better now than never at all.

As I look ahead at the steps I must take and feel my heart race with nerves, I focus on one simple fact – every day I invest in my dreams is like watering a seedling, nurturing it to grow in time.

It is never too late to live well and true.  It is never too late to bloom.

7 thoughts on “Never Too Late to Bloom

  1. Amen Sista! I’m a late bloomer too. I finally discovered my passion last year and I just turned 40. I work on my dream each and every day. Sometimes I wonder if I started this too late. But everything happens at the right time. All I can do is take everything I’ve learned, put it all together, and kick ass!

  2. I know so many women in the 35-45 age group who are just figuring it out and gearing up to kick ass. It can be scary, but I try to remind myself and them how many years we have ahead of us (and look at all the life experience we bring to what we pursue!) Thanks Billie

  3. Well said Deb – and Happy Birthday. I think we bloom in different ways in different seasons – and that’s what make the garden of life so special.

  4. Hey Deb, congratulations on blooming! It took me a lot longer than that. I just wrote a book about my journey and why it takes women longer than men, and how we typically go about it. We have been given a 30 year life bonus, so we have a lot of time to discover ourselves. My book, oddly enough is entitled Never Too Late to Bloom!

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