craving neutrals and muted tones

After all of this weekend’s Halloween activities, the candy cravings, and the sugar high, my palette is screaming for something a bit more neutral this week. So, I’ve rounded up a few pieces from artists who effortlessly incorporate neutral tones and muted color, while still creating work that is anything but ordinary.

1. Carnival Print by Charmaine Olivia $20

2. Voyage Painting by Eva Magill-Oliver price unknown

3. Refrain Limited Edition Print by Jennifer Davis $40

4. Wandering Yaks Continued by Jing Wei $20

How did you spend your Halloween weekend?

11 thoughts on “craving neutrals and muted tones

  1. I love the 1st one by Olivia. the colors and the irregular shapes create a sense of happiness to the work.

    sorry for my ignorance, what is muted tone means actually?

  2. Hi Das. Muted tones basically means less intense color. Color that has been “toned down”. Does that make sense?
    And Karen, it sounds like you had a great Halloween weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love that one too Janis! Probably my favorite (although its pretty close between Carnival and Voyage for me). And speaking of favorites…that cupcake recipe on your blog looks so yummy!

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