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Heading to the deep south to visit Vero and the Naked Art Gallery.  Be sure to stop by September 10-11 for the Birmingham artwalk!

Naked Art is all about connecting to everyday people, we want to be the place where people will purchase their first piece of original art because it is approchable, affordable, not intimidating. We took a 180 degree approach to the traditional gallery look. Color is everywhere and salon style rules. Large scale works cohabit with crafts, it’s all art here. Created by someone unique for someone unique.

Having a brick and mortar space is vital to really connecting with the art. The day computers will have a sense of touch, things may change, but until then, nothing replaces the tactility, appreciating every side of a handmade object with the help of your your hands. Also the social aspect of shopping during a night event, dressing up and enjoying a drink and interacting with other art lovers while getting a creative stimulation cannot be achieved online. Fortunately, we are not machines yet. Our website is a great tool to reach everyone out there, and eventually or repetitively get them in here.

Handmade objects and art have a life, unlike inanimate objects made on an assembly line. The piece has been invented, nurtured and grown by a person compared to a machine, so it already has a past, a story and a personality. People who seek handmade objects are individuals, the only kind of people that you would want to be stuck in a conversation with.

Naked Art Gallery
3815 Clairmont Ave.
Birmingham, AL 35222

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  1. I live in San Diego, and 2 years ago my two kids, husband and I drove across the country. We randomly happened upon Naked Art Gallery and had a blast looking around. We left Birmingham with hopes of returning someday and exploring more.

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