My Three Reasons to Give Art this Year

I realize that the holidays are upon us. Christmas is right around the corner (less than a week away now) and Hanukkah is over. But if you are still on the hunt for the perfect present, I am going to go out on the limb here and suggest something that you may have never even thought of when giving gifts: artwork!

It makes sense that the gal who is always writing about art here on SG, would suggest something like that. But I really do think it is one of the best gifts to give (and receive) during the holidays. Let me make my case with a few reasons.

1. Its unexpected. Think about it. No one is going to expect you to get them a print or an original work of art. But if you pick the right one, you’ll be the greatest gift-giver ever.

2.  There is literally something for everyone. No matter what your personal style or design philosophy may be, there is something out there in this world that you are sure to love, when it comes to art. Photography, illustration, mixed media, collage…

3. Its affordable. There are lots, and I mean LOTS, of price points out there. I’ve seen prints as low as $10 in some cases. I dare you to try to tell me that is not affordable. Of course, prices go up from there. And the average price for an 8×10 print (which is a decent size) is about $20- 30, which is still pretty reasonable in my opinion. Originals can be found pretty affordably as well. Especially if you go with an emerging artist’s work in a smaller size.

And just in case these reasons aren’t enough to convince you all on their own, I have visuals (in the form of budget-friendly gift guides)…

Giving Art without Breaking the Bank: Gifts Under $25

1. Gumball Machine 10×8 print by Katie Baum $20

2. Ship 8×10 print by You Sentimental Idiot $20

3. Floral Heart 8×10 print by Rifle Paper Co. $24 (5×7 available for $12)

4. Conjure 7 x 4.75 print by Dr Kebbedy Jones $18

Giving Art without Breaking the Bank: Gifts $25 – $60

1. The Straw Hat 7×9 print by Sarah McNeil

2. Attachments – Limited Edition giclee 7×7 print by Leah Giberson $35

3. Home 7×7 print by Freya Art $45

4. I Made a Dress, the Dress Didn’t Make Me original watercolor 6.5 x 8.5 by Annamaria Potamiti $30

What do you think? Will you be giving art this holiday season?

*image credit Movement in Teal by Brainstorm Print and Design on LPP

10 thoughts on “My Three Reasons to Give Art this Year

  1. I love the idea of giving art this year! My parents are renovating a new house, so I bought my mom a print from JHill Designs to get her started on decorating the new house.

  2. I love giving art as gifts, whether it’s my own or from another artist. It can be so personal and individual; it can feel as though that piece of art was tailor made just for that person (and sometimes, it can be)! I think that’s a beautiful way of showing someone how much you care about them and how well you know them.

  3. I really enjoy giving art…but it’s so personal that I have to be absolutely sure that the person will love it. I would hate to give someone art that they feel obligated to hang up if they don’t like it.

  4. What a great gift for your mom Megan. How sweet of you.

    Tif.- I absolutely agree with you! Art can feel like it was made just for the person you are giving it to. There is so much out there.

    Hi Gisele. Sorry this wasn’t posted sooner. I only thought of it recently, now that I’ve been buying gifts for my list. BUT if you are worried about not getting things in time, a lot of artist’s offer gift certificates to their shop, which can be downloaded after purchase. So, there is still a way to give art this year and get it to your loved ones on time. Just thought I would mention.

    And finally April, I do agree that it is something you want to be kind of “sure of” since it will be hanging in that person’s home.

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. Have a happy holiday!


  5. I will definitely do that. But I agree with April. Because a piece of art is very personal, you either need to know that the person will love what you buy them, or you should do it yourself especially for them.

    I made an illustration for a friend of mine that took me about a week and that I enjoyed doing very much. But the more important part was that it had a lot to do with her and she loved it. It was talked about for months and even now, a year later, she still uses it as inspiration. A gift like that can feel really rewarding.

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