my mom made this for me :: and then i order another 10

schoolhouse tunic pattern by sew liberated you know i don’t sew, right? well, i don’t. not a stitch. but my mom does. and she made me this amazing tunic from a pattern by sew liberated!

my mom is the fabric shopper, blogging about the best of the best fabric, patterns, and sewing goodies online. i call her “mom” but you can call her “rosie.” she’s been sewing for much longer than i’ve been alive (without making her sound too old!) and she’s a real expert. that being said, we’ve always had problems finding patterns that worked correctly with my rather, shall we say, buxom figure. this tunic is perfect for me!

but, ya know what? i think it would be perfect for just about any figure! i wore mine at our crafty brunch on sunday morning and got so many compliments i knew i had to share this tunic-y goodness with the whole world! my mom purchased the pattern from melanie, at modern organics – all organic fabric all the time – for just $14.95.

p.s. on a less happy note, my mom is a bit under the weather right now. if you’ve got a minute, please wish her well on twitter!

18 thoughts on “my mom made this for me :: and then i order another 10

    1. lol, lori! after she finished the first one, i started naming the friends who would be asking for one and you were definitely close to the top of my list! i’ll let you know as soon as she has soon her shop. or she’d gladly make a custom one when she’s feeling better :)

  1. Rosie is one talented lady:) I’m inspired by Rosie to try and I mean try to make some clothes for this summer. Now I need to picture how easy it will be without any swearing involved…

    Rosie, I had a horrible cold last week. I hope yours is not more of a serious situation and I hope you get better.

    1. Natalie, come on, a little swearing never hurt anything… Okay that’s probably not true. But I’m sure it can’t hurt in front of the sewing machine!

  2. so cute! must put this on my list of things to make for self… after fulfilling orders, making presents, creating new summer wardrobe for my tot. arhhg, one of these days I will make “me” a priority ;D

  3. What? Your mom is the fabric shopper?? That is so cool! I adore her and I love both of your blogs! What an awesome family! Love the tunic. Hope Rosie is feeling better soon!

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