the day i lost my moustache

i told mr. scoutie girl that i would not buy any more art for our new house (specifically my new office) before we moved. then i found drywell.

these simple – clever – vivid – fantastic watercolor & ink pieces make me want to giggle. a lot. and i don’t think it’s the 3 hours of sleep in 48 hours thing… although it could be. doubtful.

crap. restraint failed.

during the course of writing this extremely short post, i purchased the “you don’t need to vomit rainbow on me” because, i mean, when is that ever not true? seriously.

if you can’t get enough of drywell, check out her flickr, where you can find an extreme art project featuring illustrated butchery of all types and her blog where you can find much more giddy happiness represented by seemingly disaffected yellow blocks & other illustrations.

p.s. ya know how i said about the 3 hours of sleep? i’m bugging out early this week. it’s cool, just don’t tell. alright?

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  1. I love the rainbow as well, puts a new spin on chase the rainbow. I also love the one above the rainbow, it could be the illustration for fear and have a caption that read, “what are you waiting for? no. really.” Very inspiring. thanks!

  2. I can see why you couldn’t resist! That pic made me laugh- it is great. Perfect for your office :) Her shop is definitely a favorite!

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