Music Review: Underwater

I swear that every time I feel like perhaps I’m starting to figure this life thing out, life laughs and proves to me otherwise. Life has been tugging at me lately, pleading with me to realize and understand how fleeting it is, and how we have no idea when our time to leave will come. We would drive ourselves crazy if we worried each day as we left the house, that it might be our last. However, I’m starting to think that something needs to change, shift, balance.

Let me ask you this, do you have things you have left unsaid to people in your life? Things you need closure around? How would you feel if something happened to them and you never had the chance? Yet instead you get to live, knowing that they never knew that you forgave them, that you were okay, that in the grand scheme of things whatever it was really didn’t matter.

I know people have done things to you that are unforgivable. But tell me, what does holding on to that really do for you?

What do you really gain? And if you left this world today, would you be content with how you left things?

Joshua Radin, is someone I’ve been a fan of for a very long time. I’m the type of person that has go to music for the different seasons, but I let his voice fill up my whole year. His music calms me in the summer, slows me down in the fall, and warms me up in winter. If you’re bursting with energy, or in the fetal position crying, his voice will meet you where you’re at.

His new album came out July 31, and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. His first song is called, “Tomorrow is gonna be better,” and although it might be, tomorrow is a hope, not a promise. It is just one more thing reminding me lately to say the things I need to, find the closure I’ve been chasing after, and really reflect on the person I am, and how that matches with the person I want to be.

Joshua Radin is one of those people that sings and causes your mind to wander to various places, to think and ponder. I tend to go through phases where I can’t get enough of his music and where it takes me, and other times where I’m terrified to let his songs play in fear of where they’ll make me wander.

So I urge you to give him a listen, see where he takes you. And do me a favor and live today, not as though it’s your last, like we’re constantly told.

Think about how you might live today differently if it was the last day you could talk to anyone who has ever touched your life.

How would it be different then?

2 thoughts on “Music Review: Underwater

  1. Thanks for the heads up on (for me) a great new artist! Sarah Jarosz is my go to for every season, every mood. Major girl crush. Seriously though, I realized long ago that telling people in the moment that they matter to me is what I need to do to live authentically. Sometimes, it totally unnerves them and they can’t deal with it and they cautiously avoid me in the future. Because, lets face it, we’re not supposed to show PDA or something right? True story, today I was in a panic trying to fix a problem for my elderly mother involving medicaid and a pharmacy (remember, it’s Friday) and had to literally go to her Drs. office to try and get it straightened out. While talking myself blue in the face to a receptionist who had no intention of helping move things along before the weekend a nurse walked by and heard me trying to explain the importance of this issue. She set about remedying the situation right away. She’s one of those women who walks around with a scowl on her face and a tough air about her, but I know she’s got a heart like butter. When all was said and done I just up and hugged her and told her what a special person I thought she was. She actually blushed, then set her jaw on stern again and sent me on my way. But I had to let her know, she made a difference in our lives today.

  2. You are so right about his music! I went to his website and I’ve been listening to his music for the past hour. It’s a lot like Iron & Wine. The music is so soothing that you can’t help but become relaxed. Love it!

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