Motivation: Moving Beyond Myself

Baby Arm By tessa needham creative
Baby Arm By tessa needham creative

I posted the following on my Facebook page recently:

Do what matters today and every day. Cut out the BS and negativity. Don’t let the distractions of your lower self stamp out the power of your higher self.

This was a message to me and to anyone who needed it.

So often I let the “needs/desires/weaknesses” of my lower self outrank the power, strength, desires, and potential of my higher self.

I had been trying for years to overcome and overpower this flaw, and although I knew I wouldn’t completely be healed or rid of this affliction, I wanted to get to the point where the majority of the time I was in my higher self. Where 90-95% of the time, I’m rocking the optimal Tivi.

The problem was, I, me, myself wasn’t enough of a motivation for me to do this.

When I think about myself, I’m not motivated enough by just me or my current self.

I know that sounds weird, but I’m very much the type of person who wants to mother or take care of people and I often sacrifice my own comforts for that. If I feel like what I’m doing only benefits me, I don’t want to do it.

But I’ve begun to focus on a different motivation for living within my highest self at all times.

My legacy.

Thinking about the legacy I want to leave for my family and children is a stronger motivation to me than thinking about how my actions will benefit just me.

This gives me motivation to act within the realm of my highest self more often than not.

To make my current existence a model for what I would want them, my children, to strive for.

To build myself to be ready and worthy to be their mom.

To build myself to be ready to give them a chance.

Because THEY, my family, my future generations are worthy of my hard work.

THEY are worthy of me busting my butt and working hard so that they can have a chance to make a positive impact on the world.

They are worth it.

And I guess, to some extent, I am too.

This is my motivation.

What is your motivation?

2 thoughts on “Motivation: Moving Beyond Myself

  1. Thanks so much for this insight! I often sacrifice so others will have and think I’m not worthy, or rather someone else is worthier. But this gives me food for thought. Thanks

  2. Tara, you’re amazing. I come to you for strength and focus all the time, and even though we don’t know each other, u help me, u inspire me. I’m in a totally transitional place in my life right now and your posts are instrumental. So thank you!

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