morning person

today's goals chalkboard by marykatemcdevitt
today’s goals chalkboards by mary kate mcdevitt

i’m a morning person.

there, i said it. there have been times in my life when i’ve fought my natural rhythms – walking bleary-eyed across campus at 4 in the morning – but i always come back around. i thrive when the light is shallow and low. when the birds are singing. before the birds are singing.

before babies start laughing.

before the day is heavy with to-do’s and what-happeneds.

morning coffee photography by couragemylove
morning coffee photograph by

alarm goes off. think: oh crap! need to wake up, supposed to do something! not like the mornings when i let lola wake me up and i check email in bed, etc… etc…. wipe the night’s sleep from my eyes and bop downstairs.

s t r e t c h.

get to work. get. stuff. done.

it’s just how it works.

pouch with yellow ribbon by milkandhoneyhandbags
pouch with yellow grosgrain ribbon by milkandhoneyhandbags

are you a morning person?

20 thoughts on “morning person

  1. Oh yes! I’ve arranged things so I work my day-job from 6 am to noon, then home to the rest of the glorious day with my family and my sewing machine. My husband and daughter are NOT morning people. I’m halfway through my work day before they even wake up!

  2. Heavens no! The only reason I’m awake right now is because I’m alone in my night-owlishness in this house.

    I think best during the morning, true, but I am most creative at night. I’ve always been that way.

    I used to fight it and try to force myself awake. Working at Ford for so many years, I was required to be in the office very early (for me) with all those finance people and engineers…I’d end up spending mornings in meetings, and still have to take my work home to address the creative aspect of my job at night.

    Spain. Siesta. and late nights and dinners. I think that’s where I belong!

  3. he, he…i’m definitely not a morning person. if it wasn’t for my 2 little ones (who are up by 6-6:30 a.m.) i would be sleeping through until 10. i think i’ve come to terms with the fact that i’ll have to get up this early for a while…thank goodness i’ve got my coffee!

  4. oh, i’d love to be a morning person. i fantasize about getting up at 5:30 with my husband, drinking coffee and catching up on the news while he’s at work, listening to morning edition on NPR the *first* time around rather than the 2nd or 3rd repeat, maybe doing some sewing or studying — all before h comes home for breakfast. instead, i’m always struggling to shut my brain off at 10:30 when h *must* go to sleep, giving in and reading with a book light for an hour or two, and barely getting up at 8:30 when he’s showered and fixing his breakfast.
    actually, my ideal rhythm would be to only need 4 hours of sleep a night! imagine all that could be done.

  5. I am sooo a morning person. I love looking out the window at the fog, rain or sunlight curling around the trees in my backyard.

    They do say that opposites attract, and that must be true because I married a night owl! Right when he is getting his second wind at 10pm, it is time for me to go to bed. I am equally annoying at 6am when I am talking nonstop and he is plopping his pillow over his ears 😉

  6. I am totally a morning person too! But I am married to a guitar player/ night owl, so we often try to compromise. It rarely works in his favor as 10:30 is a pretty late night for me. I love getting up and getting everything ‘important’ done before the day really gets going. My kids are early birds too, and I love spending quality time with them before the world awakens.

  7. I consider myself a morning person. I can’t stay in bed for too long. I get antsy. I don’t mind getting up early if I have the whole day ahead of me to do what I want, like on the weekends. During the week its a different story lol.

  8. I’m a morning person…sometimes. 😡 My sleep schedule is super wonky and has been that way since college! I do find my creative peak late at night, but I really wish I could be a morning person everyday.

  9. I am very much a morning person. I try to get up before the rest of the house to have my quiet time and get started on my day and being creative. Good thing I am a morning person because my son has to leave the house for high school at 6:45a.m. He hates it, but I like it. My husband would sleep all day and be up all night. How did that happen?

  10. I’m only a morning person when I don’t have to get up for a specific reason. I.e. when I get up leisurely, make my coffee + eggs, sit down to my computer and start browsing. If it’s my own timeline then I’m happy. However, if I’m woken by an alarm … watch out!

  11. I love mornings. I don’t like to wake up until it’s starting to get light, but then sitting here with my coffee, watching the sun get higher, and the sky get lighter – that’s some good stuff.

  12. I’m a definite morning person… and crazy enough a late owl, too! I’m up at around 4:30am -5am naturally every single morning and call it a night at the stroke of midnight usually. :-)

    1. Cathe, I’ve totally noticed that from your Facebook 😉 I think I’ll be right there with you when the sun is out longer.

  13. I absolutely am a morning person, when I need to be. Lately I’ve been so inspired by being a mom and yet wanting something that’s also just my own (new blog and sewing ambitions) that I rise every morning at 5 a.m. so I can get some work done before my baby girl wakes up. And no I’m not one of those lucky parents who has a sleeping baby; I don’t think sleeping babies really exist, lol.

  14. I NEED that pouch handbag, officially on my Favorites at Etsy. And I love their pencil pouches too!

    I’m not quite a morning person, but I’m not a complete grump either. But I’m one of those that need some time to wake up and get moving.

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