more from the time traveler’s wife

the time traveler's wife

to say watching the time traveler’s wife got my creative juices flowing would be a huge understatement. i posted some photography that invoked some imagery from both the book & the film earlier today. but another thing that caught my eye was the beautiful little pinafores that the young clare abshire character wore.

so pretty and proper.

then i stumbled again on these beautiful ladies’ versions from necessityisthemother. decidedly more grown up, a little sweet & ever-so sexy: these still capture that look of a more innocent time. each is made with vintage fabric and is one of a kind. might be a necessity for my spring wardrobe.

necessityisthemother - pinafores & dresses

top image a still from the time traveler’s wife from new line cinema

4 thoughts on “more from the time traveler’s wife

  1. Great post, and that shop is a great find! I haven’t seen the film yet, but I’m sure I will love the clothing. Everyone who knows me says I’m a bit of a throw back to a more ladylike/dressed up ear, and I love that some of those things are being made new again. keep the inspiration coming!

    1. i enjoyed how the film really had a range of costume styles – from the buttoned-up, proper pinafore to the artsy 80s/90s look that clare wore to henry’s beat up old chucks. lots of inspiration to be had!

      thanks for stopping by, mandy!

    1. i think, not only would you *have* to be happy, you couldn’t help feeling pretty in a dress like that!

      thanks for stopping by, creative coquette!

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