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here are a few things that you may have heard or seen around the world wide web already, but they’re worth mentioning again…

  1. ‘feed your soul’ free art project from jen at indie fixx. believing there is a need to keep your spirit nourished in these trying economic times and that art serves up a great spoonful of it, jen invited some fantastic artists to contribute free artwork to the project – yes free! – that you can download, print and frame for nada! recent contributions include art from: michele maule (who was featured this week on scoutie girl), stephanie fizer, samantha hahn and jessica gonacha.
  2. speaking of jess gonacha, have you visited her new blog, pecannoot? the simple abundance of our daily lives is often overlooked as we plow through our routines – and listening to the news would make you think you’ve got it rough (and maybe so). but comparatively speaking, if you have love, food, water and beauty, then you have abundance! why not share? you can start by contributing art and images to pecannoot to inspire and *remind* all of us how lucky we really are!
  3. and speaking of samantha hahn, her woot shirt – featuring an original illustration called “camera eyes” – is still available on shirt.woot for $15. 948 sold to date!! that’s some wooting!
  4. new *limited edition* mini cushions from bailey doesn’t bark. screen printed with a tree representing winter, spring, summer or fall – an addition to their four season series. hang them, use them, collect them.
  5. rebecca peragine from print*pattern*paper just released a new line of eco-textiles based on her original collage works. you’ll find pillows, hand-wrapped canvas art, children’s aprons (adorable) and napkins/tablerunners/placemats. great designs – glad it worked out for you rebecca! :)
  6. another fabulouso collaboration: the crosbie. three designers pooled their respective talents and expertise(s) to create a company together! their individual skills allow them to work collaboratively across design categories – metal, textiles and paper (so far). [i freaking love this, and if anyone out there wants to partner up, i’m right here!! seriously.]

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  1. Those cushions from Bailey Doesn’t Bark are really great inspiration for me! I’ve been trying to design sachets (have a couple scents all mixed up (not lavender!) but haven’t finalized the sachets themselves) and I really like the way she’s stitched them closed. Thanks a ton!!

    All of these blogs and sites and everything sound so cool! Thanks for sharing them all with us!

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