monetization monster: do you trick out all your gifts?

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I recently had a coaching session with a multi-talented client, and we were trying to rustle up some extra bucks to plump up her monthly income.

Being multi-talented, she had lots of skills she could potentially cash in on. “I could put my photos on stock imagery sites, do audio editing, be a guest lecturer at colleges…I could give tours on Maui!”

She came up with nearly a dozen things she enjoyed that could potentially become a source of income. Maybe you’ve made a similar mental list as well.

Given all of this opportunity, the real question is, “What do you NOT want to monetize?”

It took a long time for many of us to figure out that would could make money doing what we’re passionate about. Sometimes we get so swept up with this realization that we become monetization monsters looking for the penny behind every passion.

My advice: Save a little sumthin’ for mama.

You have a wealth of skills and talent; you don’t need to trick ’em all out into dollars and cents. Keep some of your gifts out of the money mix and do them just because you love them. It’s generous.

And when it’s time to monetize? If you’re only drawing from a pot of pre-screened “I love to do this” stuff, it’s hard to go wrong. If it’s about making money, go where the money is. What will be easy? Sustainable? Able to grow?

In the comments, tell us: What do you choose not to monetize? And what’s it like to keep those goodies for the house?

Gathering light,

5 thoughts on “monetization monster: do you trick out all your gifts?

  1. Well said Laura and just what I needed to hear today! I used to teach yoga part time and work in stationery the rest of the time. I felt like I should be teaching yoga full time so I tried it out. It ended up stressing me out to be so focused on money and how many people came to class while doing something I enjoyed. I have gone back to teaching a couple of classes a week for extra money and am enjoying teaching much more.

    I am so happy for you to put into words what I have done. It makes me feel really good!

  2. This was an eye opener! I have the same multi-passionate dilemma, but I hadn’t really thought of it this way. I think you just gave me an epiphany! I have been trying to monetize my love of creative photography by selling on Etsy, but it’s been hard to make any money form that. What if I just did the photography because I love it, and free up other time and passions for making the money? Sometimes, when you add money into the mix, it starts to dilute the fun. Thanks for the great post, Laura!

  3. Hi Laura, thanks for this.

    I think it’s probably rare to find a creative who isn’t talented in more than one area. The notion that you don’t have to trick out everything and that it’s okay to do something just because you love it — yeah, I can definitely roll with that.

    Love & light~

    Nikki xo

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