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welcome back to scoutie girl. i hope you had a fabulous weekend. no fear – this week’s finding passion post will be coming along in just a bit. but i’ve decided to open up each week with a bit of a welcome & a few thoughts on the coming week. heck, i sign off every friday, it only seems fitting to say “hi!” every monday!

on saturday, i went to a little indie craft fair in lancaster, called city arts market. unfortunately, lola didn’t really want to be there… and i was about as embarrassed as i have ever been as a mother. she literally had a temper tantrum – flailing & everything – on the cold concrete floor. don’t worry, against my better judgement, i held her head safe!

thankfully, my friend amanda – the one with a passion for moccasins – was there to watch her for a bit so that i could get some holiday shopping done. and while i doubt the people who i purchased gifts for read this, i’m going to keep my purchases to myself!

Lola in the snow

sunday, we decorated for christmas. pretty pretty! and lola got to enjoy running around in the crust of snow that remained on the backyard grass. in the evening, we snuggled up under the lights of the christmas tree with some hearty black bean soup. yum!

and that brings us to this morning, readers! this week, i’m very pleased to bring you a finding passion artist who brings her passion for design & recycled materials to the fore, at least one more giveaway, and more great winter finds to dazzle & inspire you!

oh! and i need to let you know who won the perideau designs giveaway. congrats…


look for an email from me to claim your prize. thanks again, bridgett, for sponsoring a giveaway on scoutie girl!

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